5k Run in 2 weeks, suspected shin splint

I've read loads on here with regards to maybe having either a shin splint or stress fracture, I think it may be the former as it eases at times but can get very sore  and has been like this since yesterday.  The pain is at the bottom of my shin and when pressed is tender and a little hot, there is also a bit of redness to the skin.  If I walk a distance the pain can get very sore and I have to stop, short walks  and pottering about the house or at work are more bearable.  The worrying thing is I have a wee 5k fundraising run coming up on the 23rd of this month and not doing it is not an option as I've now(just checked 5 mins ago)raised over £150 in donations for Perth Autism Support(my 9 yr old has autism).  Can anyone advise what I shld do between now and then to ease this pain, taking into account I have to have a couple of wee runs before the event, Im not a professional runner and have only been running for around a year. 

Please help as I cant let my friends or myself down.



  • If it is a shin splint, I swear by ice it for ten mins then get one of the Boots elastic socks, double it over, then again (so it's about an inch wide. pop it over the affected leg and wear it in bed a couple of nights. If you can already run 5K, leaving it a couple of weeks won't really affect that so rest it as well.

  • thanks Dustboy, its slightly less stif n sore today, I can pull my foot back and point it forward without as much pain as yesterday.  Ive been doing the ice for 10/15mins and keeping it elevated and pottering around is not to bad but I took my son to school(about 5 min walk) and the stinging pain came right back but then eased off, came back etc, I feel better tht its seems better.  So do you think I should not do any running between now and the race or wld it still be ok to do a little bit??  I have a friend who is a PT instructor and he said some massage therapy may help?? 

    I did an 8k run last week, do you think this may have contributed to this injury?

    Claire x

  • Personally, I'd stay off it if it hurts to walk. Your residual fitness will be unlikely to suffer for a couple of weeks over a 5K distance.

    The problem with these nasty little bu66ers is that after you warm up, the pain goes away, you think you are OK and then when you cool down, you realise you have made it work.

    If 8K is a lot for you, it may well have done.

    I still swear by the laccy tube though it does itch a bit.


  • It might be worth trying a foam roller, I find my over tight calf muscles cause pain in my shins, it is always alot better after a roller session of about 5 mins on each leg, not a cure though.

  • thanks Jo, I've been trying to hunt one of them down as the lower muscles in my back get quite tight(I have disc trouble).


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