Deep water running / pool running

Has anyone who's got the hang of deep water running / pool running any advice on mastering the technique?  I've watched lots of Youtube videos etc. on technique but find the cyclical motion really hard to achieve.  I think I end up doing the "stair-climbing", high-knee kind of stride instead, which isn't working my legs hard enough.  For some reason I just can't the knack of this at all...  Am using a flotation belt incidently.


  • I did it a couple of times earlier this year and found it difficult to get the technique right. I too found that the knees ended uo very high, but what I found key was trying not to move forwards too quickly.I really had to concentrate on technique and found it very mentally fatiguing. 30 minutes was enough for me.

    You won't be able to work the legs as hard as you do when running on dry land. But assuming you're doing it for rehabilitation that's a good thing.

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