Carp Fishing,

Got injured in training for my last marathon.........


  • Looking form Mister W, and possibly another previous recdord holder! possibly!.

    Still have a record myself, not bothered about myself, only concerned about first 40

  • Anyone else interested in this thread????


    If not you all loose your running women.

  • Just tried Cemex, ( better when it was RMC ), they do not seem to let me post on there.

    Said | was dissalowed. ( but give,  no reason, ) White Cirlcle Transnort.

    Nelson Mark Tingley

  • How may beers do you want???????????

    Who want's the fight. I sense a pregant woman.

    Second Friday in Carisbrook Arms, if anywants it. Next January, second Friday, 10pm. Also like many other sport's,

    Sense my dad might have been a good fighter, yet alone my other family.




  • Why was I denied Cemex, with name llike mine?????????????????????

  • I was also Solent Carper, over on Cemex.

  • Interesting image

    Too many sherberts last night??

  • AM quite impressed with Solent Runner's first 40 - my pb is a 36lb 7 ozs common taken off sweetcorn two years ago at South Weald Lower Lake.

  • Publiclicty shy myself, never went public with my PB.

  • It is on Cemex 40 list, May 2005.

    $0's club

  • Solent Runner. Can I ask you why you want to threaten members of the CEMEX Angling forum with violence. Why you want to pester members of that site with PMs stating that you want to meet them at a pub and fight them.

    Man up fella, get of what ever drugs you are on or grow up.



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