Ladies shorts, with built in briefs

I am wondering about those shorts with built in briefs, not the mesh type ones, but rather those which are like the scary panties that we used to have to wear to school (well, we had to wear these huge, nylon, navy ones).  

Are you supposed to wear pants underneath these, so that there is a triple layer, or just the shorts / briefs?  Just doesn't seem that hygienic to me.  

What do you do?


  • I love the nike shorts with built in compression shorts.  I never wear pants underneath the elastic just gives me problems with friction. The way I see it, I wash the shorts after every wear so it's no different to knickers.

  • I wear pants in everything except a trisuit.

  • I use the Nike Tempo shorts, with nothing underneath.

  • I don't think you're 'supposed' to wear pants when you've got built in briefs in your shorts. Though I'm sure some people will if they find it more comfortable. Try both, see which you prefer. I have Saucony shorts with built in briefs and I love them because they're so cool in the summer. I wouldn't dream of wearing pants as well!

  • Hmmm, I see.  Let me give the no-knickers thing a try!  Thanks!


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