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Hi all,

I'm thinking about doing the London Marathon in 2014, training now, doing 10K's hopefully a few half marathon's next year, so if all goes to plan, i'd like to try my first Marathon in 2014.  My question is does anyone know what date this has been set as? or even if it has. I've not been able to find anything on the web image





  • It'll be late April - as 2012 is Sunday the 21st, its likely to be Sunday the 20th in 2013.

    The ballot entry system will be just after the 2012 event, and you'll have roughly one day to enter before it closes.  The ballot gives you a 1-in-5(ish) chance of getting in. Otherwise its a charity place, with associated fund-raising commitments.

    There are other marathons, so I'd recommend you follow your plan of trying 10k and then a couple of half-marathons and then decide if you want to try the full marathon. You may then prefer to pick a marathon that doesn't have the same rigmarole to get a guaranteed entry.

  • I've done London twice and there's some amazing about it - but for an actual race I hate it. The noise of the crowd upsets my stride and my heart rate and even starting in one of the front pens, the volume of people really messes with me, my pace is all over the place for the first half an hour. So I would agree with Stutyr - don't feel London is the only marathon to do.

  • Cheers guys! I'll take that all onboard - i've kinda set myself a goal of trying to do the 5 World Marathon Majors in either 2014 or 2015 or spread over the two years for no reason other than the fact that've done them... I just wish the Boston and the London Marathon's weren't so close to each other image

    Maybe start with one of the other's first.. but they are all just hard to get into...i guess i'm going to have to do others to get into them anyway, so i'll find some not so high profile one's to start with image

    Ta guys!


  • I'm trying to find out the date as well. The 20th falls over Easter so they normally make it a week earlier. If it is the 13th April it will fall on my 50th birthday hence the reason for my interest.

    I will probably call the organisers over the next day or two to find out. To be honest, there are better marathons but the sheer excitement of London just can't be beaten!

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭

    Running London is easy, it`s the getting a place that it most difficult.

  • I'm trying to get a GFA place  this spring. That's one way to do it, but a big training commitment!

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭

    Good luck with it. That`s how I got in for this year. Really gives you a sense of achievement.

  • I was fearing that but I'd never known them do it on Easter Sunday before. I am surprised!
  • Hi Sanjay, 

    I had a similar goal to do all the WMM, though if you've not done a marathon before, I think all in 1 year is a bit much.  Both Berlin and Chicago you can just buy a place when entry opens, though this year they have both sold out much faster than usual. They're both Autumn marathons though.  My first 2 marathons, I did London and Berlin in the same year... was lots of fun, and painimage   

    Good luck!

  • I've just downloaded the VLM media guide and its got this information regarding 2014:

    Ballot opens for 2014 London Marathon
    29 April 2013
    Date of 2014 London Marathon
    13 April 2014

  • Really?  That sounds late for the ballot opening?

  • Tried to find out the date of 2014 mara today to book a hotel early as found one well priced. RNIB say 20th, but it's Easter Sunday so hoping now will be 13th, is that confirmed though?

  • sunday 13th 2014

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