I am a new to this

Just thought I would introduce myself. I should have never stopped running. Do other beginners find it hard to resume training again a twenty year gap, and too much time spent at the bar?


  • I found it very hard after just a 4 year gap! I think if you've run before it's hard because you know what you used to be able to do. Take it slow, build up that base and you'll start to see the improvements before you know it. Good luck.

  • Come over and see us on the Starting Again From the beginning thread - I re-started again after 12 years, and yes to answer your question it has been very very hard!!!! aand totally agree with simon, a lot of it is down to what I was able to do before!!!!

  • thanks to the two replies I have had. It did feel good being back on the road again. I blame the bar image

  • I seem to have had severeal breaks from running over the last 10 years or so. I'm now setting some goals so to have actually something to aim for, other than just fitness, weight, enjoying being outside.

  • Restarting is hard, I had to work up to a point where I actually had the fitness to even do anything I would consider training. Nw I'm way past where I left off last time and can draw on previous experience as well as new knowledge.

    It will all come back, you just have to get back on it.
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