Sub 1:40 club at Windsor



  • I've just got a thing about Dairy Crest, Jon, that's all! I've got to do some work!
  • Farley Rusks, I love them. Ok Snicks I've changed my mind and I'll borrow some of my sons clothes
  • Work? Pah! I laugh in the face of work!!!
  • Which is why I thought you might help us find these clubs races on the other thread.
  • Ermm... Hehehe... As I said, I'll happily do it if people stop posting on the blasted thing!
  • Nice one BK ! Hee hee.

    I like rusks, but only the unhealthy with added sugar ones, and sorry - not running as a baby. But behind closed doors......

    (still not wearing baby stuff !)
  • Thats the original pink box then I guess.

    Cougie did you take that picture yourself.
  • BK - yeah - well framed isn't it !

    I carried my ickle Espion digital camera with me in FLM this year. Then forgot to take shots - doh !
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