Beachy head 2012

Hi I am new to this. I have a place at Beachy Head this year going, as I have not trained enough and it clashes with family commitments (long story). Anyway I am willing to transfer my place to anyone who wants it, it is free but donations are welcome.

I had also booked a hotel but will lose all my money if i cancel, so it is possible the booking could be transferred to another name at cost.

Any takers please???


  • When is Beachy marathon? Are you allowed to pass your number on?

  • Hi SG2, let me know if your place is still going, as I'm interested, thanks

  • Hi, it is on 27th October. I still have the place if you want is ahapartridge. Please email me on /forum/smilies/] if you still want it.

    You are allowed to transfer the number but I think you have to by 21st september.

  • hi sg2, have tried to email you, let me know if you get it, thanks

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