Ron Hill autobiography

Does anyone know the best place to buy both volumes of Ron Hill's autobiography? I checked Amazon and they are going for over £40 per volume. Surely it's time for a new printing!


  • I've been saying that for years - trouble is I don't think Dr Hill has any of the original manuscripts anymore - but I am sure given todays technology something could be done - I bought one from Ebay a few years ago and then sold it on again for about £34 (I paid a similar amount for it)

    They should be compuslory reading for any aspiring distance runner.

  • That's what inter-library loan or generous present-givers are for...

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    £40! is that all. I've seen them advertised for £75 plus for a used paperback. 

    I've never read the 2nd volume of 'The Long Hard Road', but do possess a hard back copy of the 1st volume signed by the man himself. No idea how much that could be worth. Never met Ron Hill myself but my clubmate Chris Finill (every single london marathon sub 3 hours fame) did and he just happened to have my copy with him.

  • Got them both for £4 combined imageabout 20 years ago in a Bourne Sports sale. Never realised they were so expensive now !image

  • I've also got them both and must say that if you ever start to feel demotivated, just picking up one and reading a chapter or two will have you heading out of the door for a run even in the coldest/wettest weather.

    Ron Hill is a truly amazing guy. I grew up with Seb Coe and Steve Ovett as my heroes but after reading the Ron Hill autobiography I am now even more full of admiration for him.

    Just looked on Amazon and indeed they are almost £50 per volume. A big shame because they are a must read for any runner.

  • Ian: Both Ron Hill books are a great read.

  • But are they really worth £40+ :-?

  • IanEvs;No I wouldn't say so. Have wondered why they haven't been reprinted.

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