K2 Crawley 10K

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Anyone else in?


  • Lil.Lil. ✭✭✭

    I hadn't heard about this 10k. Shame its on the 16th too. I have the GNR. Maybe next year. Good Luck to all runners though.

  • Me and my daughter are going to give it a try, I have not run for over 40 years since I left school, but my daughetr asked me to run with her while she trained for the london marathon. I only ran twice a week for about 5 orv 6 k . she did the marathon ok.She then persuaded me to try the Lindfield 10.5 k run which i was told was cross country. She dropped out with shin spl,ints so i thought I would still give it a try.Talk about a surprrise, there was all these people with their club shirts on and me in old shorts and shirt i felt well out of place. Anyway I finished in the top 20, which for a guy of 55 was pretty good i was told, and one guy asked which club I ran for, when I said I had  not run for over 40 years he said I could be a very good club runner in the veterans class, Well just to see if it was a total fluke I am going to have a go at my local Crawley 10k. I did run at county level at school but have never even thought about running since then, but who knows I may still have the running gene in me, Good luck to you all,

  • WiBWiB ✭✭✭

    Sounds good mate. No doubt there will be a few club vests there but doesn't make anyone any faster image

  • Well i work for St. Catherines so would fly the flag for them, but on an early shift there, and got Tonbridge half, on the 23rd... would have love to have done it though....

  • Although I sent entry and cheque on 4th September I have heard nothing from the organisers, no number, no communication, not a thing!! Phoned up the organisers and tyhey promised to send e-mail with all the information and am still waiting  at 7:50 p.m. on Saturday 15/9/12!! Can't believe this is so poorly organised, obviously not sure that I will be able to find etc tomorrow, if I can't I will cancel my cheque with the bank first thing on Monday. Would not enter this again, too much hassle!!

  • As you will know by now Nick I have responded to your email last night and also made a special trip to our offices at 11.00 to check why you hadnt received our emails.

    I suggest this kind of correspondence is normally best kept between us but as you have made it public I will say once again - your entry was received very late - just four days ago; and you included an incorrect email address - and that is why you have not had the two email bulletins we sent to you.

    I will happily tear your cheque up to save you the hassle of cancelling it.

  • When will the results be published, and on which website?


  • For my first running event very chuffed to of finished it!i may of been last over the line but I done in under 2hours (1h 39m 20s) which I very pleased with
  • Provisional results from this morning's K2 Crawley 10K are here:

  • Well not bad for only second race in 40 years, won my category vet 55 finished 32nd overall. Had a nasty fall and now have a black eye and a few cuts . Been sked if I woulkd like to join our local club , will give it some thought as i think I could do better with some proper training and could of finished a bit higher if I had not had a fall. is 45.28 a reasonable time for a man of my age (55) with only 2 races done?

  • WiBWiB ✭✭✭

    PB - That would be Crawley right? I run for them. A couple of them mentioned you afterwards. Definitely give it a go, its a good club and some specific training will see some improvements if you are not doing it already.

    That is a good time on that course, it is certainly not a fast one and the route this year was slower than past races. That coming from speaking to the person who has won it the previous 3 years. I was also a minute off of my PB and I am certain I am faster now, thats not scientific I know!

    Hopefully see you at K2 on Wednesday!

  • WiBWiB ✭✭✭

    Martin - Well run event. I think one marshall confused us slightly when we approached the road crossing to head up by the golf club but was eaily resolved by someone else shouting out where to go image Any photos at all?

    I like the track start/finish, any chance it could be run anti-clockwise way for the finish? I understand through the gate onto the track would be a bit tricky but the field should be well spread out by the 9.7k point.

  • Thank you for your offer to tear up my cheque, I appreciate it. Please see my e-mail response direct to yourself.

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