The Lives of Runners - A quick questionnaire for my uni course:)

Hello everyone! I'm studying Business & Sports Science at Uni this year, and was wondering if you had 5 minutes to fill out a quick survey about your running habits and views on different running brands?

It's for an upcoming module and I'm just trying to get ahead of the game a bit image

I'd really appreciate it!

Many thanks,



  • Think most of the forum probably do your maximum weekly mileage in a day so you might want to rethink that! And not enough shoe choice, I have 12 pairs of running shoes in my porch none of which were on your list!!!
  • Yes, some of the questions are a bit restrictive.  To be honest, I don't perceive any manufacturer to produce "the best running shoes" as such, and I certainly couldn't rank them, especially as I haven't tried them all.  I'd say most of the major manufacturers produce quality products that are fit for purpose and don't fall apart, so a lot of what goes into a purchasing decision comes down to personal fit, foot shape, etc.  So I left that one blank.  Other than that, all done. image

  • Done - agree with Touie2 about max weekly mileage - I do 35ish and I am very much at low end of people on here.

  • Q9.  I've only run in 4 of those brands so I'd like to be able to stop categorising after 4

    Q11. same as q9 the look and image of the shoes are simply not factors in my buying decision.  Design (functional as opposed to aesthetic) is an important consideration

    Q16. Difference between friend recommendation and word of mouth?

  • Done but as the guys say it doesn't match the running pattern in mileage /shoes etc. for most contributors on here, but hopefully give you enough info for a distinction.

  • I second what others have said - I wanted to stop ranking the shoes after two. 

    And nothing would pursuade me to follow a shoe manufacturer on social media!

  • Done though most of it was a bit nothing. Running mileage way too low. Shoes - well as PP says - don't rate shoes on manufacture. Agree with Wilke, nothing would make "me follow a shoe manufacturer on social media"


  • Done. Same comments as other respondents though - you need an option to say "none of the above" re following a brand on social media. No such thing as "best shoe" - depends on so many factors. Can't rate all of the shoe brands, so need option to rate fewer. I had to leave that question blank. Design - need to specify difference between function and aesthetic - one is very important, one not at all.

  • Thanks for your helpful responses, I've been overwhelmed by the support really. Certainly, I've realised how knowledgeable and savvy some runners are and how deep it goes. This be extremely helpful for me.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Done. Agree with everyone above about comments and feedback.

  • Done. Another agreeing about the weekly mileage maximum being way too low. I do 25 per week at the moment and that's a tiny mileage compared to many.

  • Done. I left the brand question blank as I don't run in any of them.

    Also echo the comments on weekly mileage. 15+ is anything from 16 to some people clocking 100 mile weeks I think the information would be more useful to you as especially the regularity in which people buy shoes will be affected.

    maybe something like : less than 10, 10-20, 20-30, 30-40, 50+

    Editted because it didnt seem to like the use of less than and great than signs!

  • Done, but some questions left blank, as none of the options applied.

  • Q2.  40 yr olds fall into two categories.
    Q9.  First I wanted to rate other as first and second.  Secondly, I eventually had to assume you are questioning solely runners on one surface.  I have trainers, spikes, trail shoes and buy different brands for different purposes.
    Q14. Again assuming you're questioning runners on one surface.  The difference between trainers and spikes when sprinting is a no-brainer.
    Q16. You switched to 'trainer'!

    Still... done!

  • Done - and also agree with all the points made above image


  • It's a really poor survey!

    You haven't dealt with issues such as type of shoe - either from a purpose perspective - trail, racer etc. or running style - control, cushioned etc.

    You need to learn how to use apostrophe's

    There is a world of difference between being on a forum and a member of a running club.



  • Done.

    It's clearly a brand marketing survey, rather than a running survey. Even at that the fact it fails to list the likes of Saucony or Brooks in the brands, which I'd bet far more runners use than the likes of Reebok!

    Like others have said nothing would make me follow a brand on a social networking site. The whole brand allegiance concept in any walk of life is absurd. They're just companies that want your money.


  • exiled claret wrote (see)

    You need to learn how to use apostrophe's


  • My goodness me - you are quite right. In my defence my lift home from work was just about to leave and I was having a discussion with her at the same time. No excuse I know. I missed a full stop at the end of the sentence as well. Hangs head in shame. image indeed!

  • Done. Echo the gentle criticisms above re. mileage, brands, reasons for choosing etc.

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