Paula's London Runs

I'm going to be plodding round Hyde Park with the other laydeez in a week or so's time for the Flora Light Challenge and I have a feeling that Paula Radcliffe will have finished before I even start - in spite of her illness.

Paula's London Runs

What's the bets on how fast she will complete it in?

My Guide to entering the London Marathon.


  • A quote from your second link...

    The London Marathon is seen as "everyone's race". World champions, Olympic champions, record breakers, national champions, celebrities, wheelchair entrants, fun runners, people running in fancy dresss, young and old all take part in the streets of London at the same time.

    Again it manages to miss out the thousands of club runners who train hard throughout the winter hoping to shave a few minutes or seconds off a pb. We seem to drop from national champions to celebrities and fun runners with nothing in between.

    It is still meant to be the no.1 UK athletics event, not a mass fun run.
  • Howdy, BR! How could they forget you, huh?

    How long till race day now?
  • 11 days. Will post on 2:45 thread.
  • Sonia O'Sullivan won last year in 14.56 which was the second fastest time ever then. World record is 14.54 - Deena Drossan. I'm thinking around 14.30????
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