Alone or partner

Do you do it alone or with a buddy? Running that is! Is it easier with a running buddy?


  • Alone.

  • Alone. I'm rubbish at sharing.

  • Alone here too! Wondering if it's easier with a buddy
  • On my own.

  • Both, depends if/when running buddies are free

    I'm quite happy running on my own, and it's good thinking time, but running with someone else (especially my mad-challenge-suggesting friend) does seem to make me work harder.

  • On my own (fav), with the wife (peace shattered), or with the wife and kids (on their bikes/mayhem!)

  • Alone or with the dog (does he count as a running buddy?)

    I think long runs can be easier with a buddy (a human one) as you can chat all the way round, which helps keep the pace at the right level and helps the time go quicker....
  • Alone - I can't keep up with anyoneimage.

  • Alone. Because I'm a misanthropic grumpy old bugger and you can all just piss off.

    And I will never allow myself to run with anyone who styles himself as a buddy, ffs image

  • Bear B.Hind wrote (see)

    Alone - I can't keep up with anyoneimage.

    Yep, I'm usually at the back!  When I'm running.  Which thanks to injury I'm not at present, though I am still training just no high impact stuff.

    When my mate was marathon training, I'd join her for the last few miles of her training runs.  That way she got some company/distraction for the last bit of her run, & I got my own training run in too.  Seemed to work for us both.

    It took me ages to get the courage to run on my own outside, goodness knows why - seems daft now!  


  • On my own 90% of the time, the other 10% is when i can make it to running club (not often) Not sure which i prefer, on my own is a bit dull for longer runs but running club seem to do alot of stopping and regrouping which can be tedious. I wish i had a running buddy that ran at exactly my pace, on the days i wanted to run, for the distance i wanted to run and that was a good conversationalist without requiring me to respond, talking and running don't mix with me, breathing comes first.image

  • Alone, and without music. Don't want the pressure of trying to run at someone else's faster pace, or of making someone else run at my slow pace.

  • On my own for proper training and club for social running and local races
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Alone almost exclusively. As an observation brought about by 25 years of running, I'm aware that some runners simply cannot cope with the stress of running on their own; I'm thinking male runners here, and despite their daydreams they never get any better than they already are since that would involve changing something. There's a problem there. Clones anyone?

  • Bit of both. Sometimes run on my own, the other times at the club and for a while been running with a couple of 17-year olds. As we run together more, We're getting loads of training in, and even done a few weekend runs and whole day runs.

    problem if one runs on their own, we don't get pushed (as in RicF's comment), but run better under pressure, or to better oneself in a team. 

  • Alone. No humans, just my dogs. They don't talk about negative splits or injuries. Bliss.

  • With a large group, where there will be others of a similar ability.  Otherwise on my own.  Meeting people means that I can't put it off, which I tend to do if running on my own, but running with just one other person is fatal as I will try to run at their speed.

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