waterproof trail shoes

Hi everyone. I am lookimg for trail shoes to run/hike in that are waterproof and have good enough support for quite bad overpronation (although I do have orthotics so not a huge issue). I am currently in New Zealand so doing lots of trail running but would also like to use these for hiking which is why I'd like them to be waterproof. The main problem I have here is that my feet are only a 2 and a half / 3 and I can't seem to find anything?! Can anyone help me here?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!




  • TBH I would get 2 different pairs - one definitely not waterproof pair for running in (after one goretex pair I will never ever buy waterproof shoes for running in again), and either a waterproof pair of apprach shoes, or lightweight boots for walking in.

  • Thanks for your response ... why would you never get goretex again? is it becuase they are often not very breathable?

    Yes, I thought that 2 pairs was probabaly the best option, although as I am backpacking around New Zealand and then onto Asia I wanted to keep the shoe space down to a minimum image. I have a decent pair of runners (aasics) and lightweight boots but they have seen better days after 2 yrs in a backpack and on many different terrains! Anyway, just thought I could maybe kill 2 birds with one stone but perhaps not image

  • Try sealskin socks. No shoe is really waterproof.
  • In my experience, running in waterproof trail shoes is a guaranteed way to get seriously wet feet....

    The problem is that once water gets in (which it will, especially if you are running through puddles, etc) there's no way for it to get out. So it just stays there and makes your feet all wrinkly and soft, which then leads to blisters image

    Having learned this the painful way, I now think the best shoe for damp conditions is one with a really breathable upper so the water can flow in and out really easily.
  • Thanks guys image that is great advice ... I guess as summer is approcahing over here, breathable is a good option image 

  • I'd echo the easy-in / easy-out approach to water, if they hold water, then you've got some very wet feet pretty quickly after the first puddle till the end of the run.

  • I have some new balance goretex trail running shoes but I use them for walking, precisely because of the comments from the previous posts. I wore a pair of goretex salomons in the Lakes during an ice storm - out on the hill for half day with wet squelching feet was not pleasant.. and resulted in a big juicy blister on my toe. Go with breathable fast drying mesh uppers image

  • Yep - absolutely as everyone else has said. Waterproof just keeps the water in that comes over the top, so your feet are much wetter. They are heavier too, and not as breathable even if the ground is dry.

    One set of conditions where they may well be good is dry ground, but wet grass, but that's a bit specific. Easy in, easy out for me when running. When walking it really depends on conditions. On a nice summer day, I may well use the same approach and just get wet feet. On a colder day I'll try to keep my feet dry with either waterproof shoes, or more probably boots.

  • I had some goretex trial shoes and exactly what has been said happened to me, rain went in the top and stayed there giving me blisters and i was only doing a 5km. So i bought the non goretex version and running in them is bliss. 

    The goretex ones have been religated to dog walking on dewy mornings in the summer when wellies would be overkill.

  • Thanks guys image

    I will now go on the hunt for some breathable, fast drying trail shoes that come in a wee size image


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