A really good neutral shoe?

I was incorrectly wearing Asics 2170 (motion control shoe) which hurt my Planar Fascia my physio says I need to be wearing:

"A neutral to very slight control shoe that has stability structures in the rear foot only"   I am Male, 70kg, running 3 x 5-10k per week.   Any recommendations gratefully recieved.  (Money no object, quality paramount).


  • I'm neutral and had Asics Cumulus series from 11 to 13 and found them very good but now the last 3 pairs I've bought are adidas Supernova Glide series.

    I've found the adidas runners lighter with less cushioning so it took a while to adapt from the Asics which now feel too soft.

    I did accidently buy a pair of Adidas Supernova 'Sequence' which are structured and support, as a neutral runner these were no good, felt awful and gave me real problems. So I would advise you to avoid these..

    Hope this helps..

  • very helpful, thank you


  • Could also try mizuno wave rider or Nike Pegasus
  • Have you thought about a pair of orthopaedic insoles inside a pair of neutral shoes?


    I've not heard of a pair of trainers which have no front structral support but do have structral support at the back, I do know many shoes with no strong structure all over or support all over but if you were to get a pair of insoles and wear a pair of very neutral trainers (I think just about every brand from Asics through to Nike, Addias and back again have something like this in their range) you'd be able to solve the trainer hunt. Make sure you test each pair first though as they will feel very different if your not used to wearing that sort of style and will no doubt feel even more alien if you have orthopaedic insoles in them.

  • Any reason why you just can't toughen up your Planar Fascia?
  • +1 for Asics Cumulus - I love them. Very comfy and (for me anyway) a perfect fit - I can take a new pair straight out the box and head off for a long run as I find they really don't need any 'wearing in' at all.

  • If you need a stable neutral shoe I wouldn't recommend the Cumulus or Pegasus - both are very soft with no support. Most stable neutral shoes I've worn are Nike Moto, Mizuno Creation or Brooks Glycerin.
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