Great Edinburgh Run 2012 - new route

Hi all,

Got an email from Great Edinburgh Run showing the 2012 route. Not the cross-cross route through town that 2011 was, with a lot more in Holyrood Park. Still a few scenic bits though and, of course, some entertaining hills.

Map is here:

I have the Google Earth file if anyone is bothered.


  • 2nd half lot different to last years - have you been for a look to check out how hilly?

  • glad I didn't enter it now. That route's a right copout after last years city centre tour!

  • This link may work (has hill profile):

    Climb at the start, then down, then up, then flat for quite a bit before an apparently entertaining hill at about 8k and then down at the end.

    Can't help agreeing about the cop out. A bit of scenery but not as interesting as last year. Maybe the road closures were a bit pricey.

  • Kinda glad I didn't enter it now.
  • Ah, just seen sundry moans on the Facebook page. Turns out the route change is down to the [insert expletive of choice here] trams.

  • Just seen this! (note to self to read emails!) I've done this a few times before as I enjoyed the city tour and getting the opportunity to run around on the streets of Edinburgh, revised route looks pretty dull to be honest.....and its expensive! image

  • On the plus side, runners should get good views of the city by going up Regents Road.

    If the tramworks are gone by April and the Rock & Roll Half follows the same route as last year you can get pretty much the same city tour as the 10k, you'll just have to run 6 miles first (3 of them uphill!).

    From memory, I can't think what bits of the city are affected by tramworks that have any bearing on the 10k route. It might be becuase of diversions indirectly affecting the ability to close roads.

  • Just got my number through. I have been "promoted" to orange from green last year. Vaguely reminds me of the John Bishop routine where he lies on the form and has to run with the elite athletes!

  • P.S. I didn't lie on the form by the way!

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