Marathon in March/April 13

Hi everyone,

I've applied through the ballot for London so am awaiting their response, but I know chances are slim of getting in, so has anyone any ideas about where I can do a marathon in March/April time - I have 2 weeks off at the end of March, but live in the Channel Islands so it need to be near Gatwick (or by train from there obviously) or along the south coast? Don't really want to spend ages travelling if possible. Looked at Bath Beat which is 26.5 so it counts as an ultra!!! Sounds fun........

Any thoughts much appreciated!


  • Brighton is a great alternative if you can't get in London - although that's becoming hard to get into in itself now! I haven't done it myself but it's becoming big.

    Another alternative is the other side of the channel - the Paris Marathon, it's normally a week before London but it's recommended by myself!!

  • How about Milton Keynes? 6th May so also gives you a few weeks extra training time?
  • Manchester?

  • many thanks everyone - had thought about Brighton and Paris - I'll have to wait and see what happens for London........

  • Blackpool Full & Half 7th April, new venue, Blackpool Football Clubs Bloomfield Road, finishing in front of the main stand, TV/video inside ground of finish, Hotel on site , Travel Lodge opposite ground £29.00 per room if booking early, changing, showers, onsite parking for 5000 vehicles

  • The MK Good Friday Enigma Marathon on March 29th - great bling image 

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