How low do you go?....

I've decided to start using a heart rate monitor to help me get my intensities right, and measured my resting heart rate today as 48 (lowest value was 46, 48 was average over 5 mins)

I'm fairly pleased with this, but was wondering how low others resting heart rate is....?

YP, age 41


  • Hi YP!

    My rhr is normally around 52. Occasional dips to high 40s but brief no averages.

    PE, age 45 (and counting!).

  • Mine's also usually 52. Lowest I've seen it is 49.

    Age 45
  • I can tell you my average over a week is 63 and lowest during that time was 57. Unfortunately this is because I had to do a weeks worth of home Blood pressure readings as my blood pressure was high when GP took it!

    What amazes is me is that only really been running for a year and assuming I had around the average pulse of 72 previously that is a more than 10% reduction. Just shows you the wonder of running!


  • Thought I'd strap on the HRM cos it's been a while since I've really checked.  When I head out the door for a run it's usually around low-mid 50s. Sitting down now, 40 - 42. I've seen as low as 36 but I have just been doing some strenuous washing up.  image

    ...ooh, 39.

  • Strenuous washing up???

    Wot no dishwasher?.......

    Having a heart rate lower than your age is just showing offimage
  • My kitchen's waht you might call bijou - no room for a dishwasher and that's just being lazy anyway.  image

    I did sneak a 38 just now but it'll be going up shortly as my body works its magic digesting red meat, red wine and chocolate cheesecake.

  • Rhr is very low 40s, fluctuates a little. Age 52.

    I went under the knife a few years ago. I was lying on the slab, the surgeon was firing up his Black & Decker, the anaesthetist was sticking various things in me and my hr was 47. They had to double-check it was correct.

    And there were several pleasant young ladies dressed up in nurse's uniforms too.

  • Lowest recorded is 39bpm but usually around 41/42 - im 39 years old. I've read that this figure should be used against your MHR to work out training paces but I've never bothered.

  • Rhr 42 aged 45, average over a week. Some of the top cyclists have crazily low rhr.
  • mhr usually 33-36 age 31.

  • Some very impressive figures there image
  • Genetically mine should be very low as both my grandfathers have had an average of zero for a few years now!!

    rhr 51 age 49

  • Usually around 45, have seen it drop to 38 few time. Not checked in ages though, I wonder if its still the same.


    Age 32

  • happy - that is seriously messed up logic!

    Still - seems to be working for youimage
  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    A lot of matcho and missco stuff here.

    My waking heart rate is 44. Unfortunately my max HR is only 156....doesn't give me much to play with! Probably explains why I'm so slow.
  • The lowest I have seen, at the tail end of marathon training, is low 50's . I'm 51.
  • I just checked. 47. Been drinking red wine though.

    Am 34.
  • 47bpm. I am 46
  • 64 lying in bed. Oh dear.
  • Usually late 40s, sometimes early 50s if feeling ropey.

    Frightening thing is I've had to have several medical tests because, according to my Garmin, and the Polar, I bought to double check, it can go up to 240 on a long,hot run!!!! Not doing hill or intervals,(180 max) - just when I'm doing a very long run. My doctors were adamant that I'm not going to drop, and the medical advice was not to wear my monitor as they think it's partly down to anxiety.

    Incidently, my mum was a champion, record-holding cyclist, in the 1950s, who's heart rate was so low, she had doctors waiting to test her coming off the tracks and velodromes.

    Oh, and I'm 55. 

  • 47 yrs old rhr about 34.

  • Mr Puffy...........glad I'm not the only only.........

    Phil.your is amazing............I stand outside my house waiting for the garmin to get signal and my HRis aroiund soon as I d#satrt running its up to 140 before I get to the corner..............I have to run slower than 11 min miling to keep it under 150imageimage

    going to do a max test this week.........relaised I was late to pick up my son late thursday night and ran at 9 min HR was over 200 for the whole mile and a half

  • Usually 50-55. I meant to check it this morning but forgot. Female, 38.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    25! but fit, severe diet and sitting in a freezing cold house could have had something to do with it. 

    Well over 20 since I first laid hands on a Polar unit, I consider the whole heart-rate/training issue meaningless. 

  • 25?!  I've heard of cyclists like Miguel Indurain being in that sort of vicinity, but then I've also heard (read it on the interweb so it must be true) about cyclists in the EPO heyday having to get up in the middle of the night for a quick burst on the exercise bike just to keep their heart going!  image

  • I thought Indurain's was 27, and it was one of the lowest ever recorded?

  • 45ish.

    220 - age seems to actually work in my case for max heart rate. If I go up to 190, I'm coming to a halt very shortly.
  • I use a little app in the iphone by azumio called Heart Rate. It has dipped as low as 44 while truly resting, but normally say watching the TV in an evening it will be low 50s. I'm 55, have run quite a few maras in the last few years and run about 3Kkm/yr so I don't expect it to get any lower unless I'm foolish enough to make a step jump in training quantity :/

  • Usually 40-42 first thing in the morning or last thing at night when I've been lounging watching TV for a couple of hours. Usually late 40s to mid/ late 50s during the day.

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