Pace during training

Ok following a HM plan which doesn't give me target paces and some of the posts have me worried that I have been running too fast during training. Apart from when plan has me doing intervals I don't try and run fast.

Normally I run at what would call excuse me thank you pace (i.e. I can easily say excuse me and thank you to walkers I have to pass which happens frequently!) rather than a specific pace. On longer runs I try and slow myself down (last one was 9.46 min/miles) for 10 miles.

So should I be trying to run slower? I have 3 weeks of a 12 week programme left so maybe it is too late anyway.




  • Bit late now.

    Your long run should be at conversation pace. Or at least at a pace that when you have finished means you can carry on running or continue with the rest of your days activities and certainly feel ok for your next training session.

    HR monitors are quite good for learning what your heart rate is during certain runs and then for future runs you can target your pace based on your heart rate.
  • Oh - Good luck in your race.
  • Thanks TimR definitely conversational pace for long runs! And even after long runs have just carried on as normal. Any issues with tiredness have not been running related!

    Guess only the HM will tell!

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