Jog Shop 20 2012


Does anybody know if the jog shop 20 is on this year as I can't find any info for it?




  • It's on again this year. You can enter online throw RW, post or on the day.

    I'm famous for being last runner last year lol
  • Cheers, thanks.

    You doing it again?

  • Can't do it this year as hubby is working that weekend.

    I missed the cut-off point time but they still let me do the full distance image I didn't finish it the first time I entered it. Great preparation for Beachy Head marathon that I do every year.
  • Looking at the number of entries allowed versus the number who ran last year I take it entry on the day is easy enough and the race is not likely to be full before then?

  • WiB - you can also see I was last image

    Had a lovely young man on sweeper bike with me nearly all the way. He did follow me up the North Face thouimage

    Wasn't worried about getting lost as had done family bike rides and walks on this part of the South Downs.

    Would say the 2nd half of the BIG W is the hardest part of it. Maybe that why there's a water station at the bottom of the last part of the 'W'image

    There was nice cakes at the finish last year.
  • Not last Tracey... just making the most of the course image

    Is it a marked route?

    It looks like good fun, run on the SDW a lot so hoping I can fit it in.

  • WiB - This race is marshalled. It's a tough course and I had already done 2x20 mile runs before I did it. Your alright as long as you don't mind running passed cows, bulls and sheep. Though a Marshall did warn me that there was a bull in the field I was going to run through.
  • Cheers for the info Tracey. I know the area pretty well but marshalled is ideal image The distance isn't a problem at all, it is the weekend before another race so I don't want to do anything dumb and wreck my main race!

  • Hi, its my first year doing this event. Is it marshalled as I don't know the South Downs very well, I'm wondering if I might get lost?  Also, do I need to worry about bulls in the fields??

  • Sharon - there was a bull in a field that I had to run passed last year. As farmers move their live stock around you will never know of they will be in the field you run through. Thou from experience there is alway sheep in the field before the 'Snake'.

    Last year a marshal warned me about the bull and said it hadnt moved all day.
  • Thanks Tracey G, I guess if the bull is feeling frisky it might speed the old legs up.

    I'm looking forward to this, not going to be breaking any speed records but I couldn't resist a run on the South Downs, though my legs might not quite agree!

  • Can anyone tell me where I could find the results for this race please?

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