Sunday, 9 September 2012

Another head hangs lowly,
child is slowly taken

Morning! Vodafone forced me to be offline for a couple of days ... we have a rather patchy internet connection due to our location.

Have to add once more to our lovely shoe discussion the other day: I usually wear past season's so I can get them on the cheap. The advantage of being a big girl with big feet is that my size is generally available image

Tom: Impressive streak! You will be getting there. Patience!

LMH: hope you are feeling better. Could you have an underlying infection somewhere in your body, perhaps related to the dental work? I think you were asking about my marathon target: still trying to break 3:30 ...  last year I ran my autumn marathon in 28 degrees and - unsurprisingly - missed my target.

Hope the job hunt goes well for both of you - birkmyre and emzap

7d: great 5k. Go hell for leather next time and the sub 20 is yours. If you can speed up over the final 2k like you did you started too conservatively.

RFJ: impressive splits! But then we are used to that from you by now.

emzap: heat and hills - disastrous combo. But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger image

what: 22 in a moment
why: penultimate 20 plus mile of the campaign
last hard: tempo yesterday
last rest 25/8

Enjoy your Sunday and good luck, if anyone is racing.



  • Morning.

    That is a possibility Chickadeee. My husband thinks that I'm not fully recovered - it was only last Sunday there was no doubt in my mind whatsoever that I couldn't race - but I have managed some reasonable runs in the meantime. Hope you have a good LSR today - it's going to be quite warm for mine. Couldn't bring myself to get up early to do it on a weekend - not dedicated like you!

    Dustin - hope you can find a bit more 'me' time today.

    Alehouse - sounds like a relaxing day. Hope no rection from your run this morning.

    I ate plenty yesterday (as evidenced by the scales this morning) and slept better so feel better prepared to tackle my LSR once my breakfast has settled. Will keep it nice and easy, it's the miles that are important at the moment, mustn't fret about the pace.

    Yesterday's lyrics were The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars.

    What:        LSR
    Why:         fast approaching marathon
    Last hard:  legs not working yesterday
    Last rest:   yesterday was more bike as mode of transport than training.

    Lyrics - no.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Just as I was moaning about the lyrics and my inability, I know these ones.

    12M off-road this morning. Found some new paths which kept the whole thing interesting, not to mention the glorious end-of-summer morning.

    Best of luck with your 22 chickadee, I'm sure my sub-20 will come soon. Hope things work better for you too, LMH.

  • 22 d&d before it got too hot. Now off to my sun lounger image

  • Boy it was warm out there. Didn't choose the easiest of route but enjoyed a little off road by the river at the end and managed the 20 quite well.

    Well done on your 22 chickadeee - enjoy the taper!

    It's nice to go exploring isn't it 7d, one of the things I love about the Garmin is being able to wander and still know how far I've been.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Up ridiculously early and off, for an 0730 race start. A bit chilly, but thankfully the lido was warm. Cycling into the sunrise was challenging, but much better than being cold wet and foggy. Got lapped in the pool, and bashed my finger on hte ropes. Nobody passed me on bike and only one on hte run. Home for 0930!

    Next off flying.

    Then pool training.

    Lyrics, still no from yesterday, and no for today. Not my era.

  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    LMH and Chick, well done on the LSRs this morning extra-especially in these conditions.

    My experience was similar to that of 7D. Nine miles of country lane bimbling together with an unexpected 3M of off road track. Went off in anticipation of being heavy legged but felt better than expected and had a good time.

    LMH - you asked about the West Pinckbeck 10k. It's your typical flat fast fenland course as long as you don't mention the wind. There's always a degree of wind in this part of the world, someone on the forum many years ago described it as a "lazy wind", which really sums it up. The event is on 30th September. Irrespective of my state of fitness I'd like to do it as it is now run in memory of Mike Barnsdale (a member of Spalding Tri and NVH) who died last year well before his time. He was a really, really nice man and was always very encouraging of my efforts when I ran with NVH.
  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Blisters - sounds like you had a ball. Commiserations on the bashed finger.

    Speaking of flying did you see that Beth Tweddle (a godess in gymnastic circles) went flying...she was strapped to the upper wings of a bi-plane. She said that's part of stuff she's always wanted to do, but couldn't while she was a serious gymnast.
  • Blisters, where are you at with the swimming now? Swimming was my activity before running, I got to a point where I could do 2.5k/3k non-stop - not fast at all - but nonetheless a pleasant bit of work. I went on Friday before work for the first time in a year and managed 40 lengths (1k) and no more than 10 lengths consecutively.

  • Afternoon

    What 21.5
    Why LSR
    Lyrics no

    Blisters seems like a good effort for your race. Times?

    Thought that I would attempt a repeat of last week but with an extra mile at mp. However ended up putting a solid pace in up to mile 14 and then ran the next 7 at mp, 6:50, 6:38, 6:51 (bridge), 6:44, 6:35, 6:42, 6:43.

    Overall average pace was7:02

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Greetings all,

    what - 14.5m
    Why - LSR
    Last Hard - yesterday
    Last Rest - Friday

    Take care all

  • Thanks Tom. I was hoping to be able to make it as it's not that far and I have friends in Bourne we could stay with and make a weekend of it but that will be my last long run prior to tapering for Abingdon. My club's 10k fits nicely with Abingdon prep being on the 7th October but I'm marshaling.

    postie - you're going to be flying this year!

    Blisters - sounds as though you enjoyed it.

    RFj - are you autumn marathoning?

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Little M.iss Happy wrote (see)

    Boy it was warm out there. Didn't choose the easiest of route but enjoyed a little off road by the river at the end

    No prizes for working out how I might have solved the problem of the heat image

    What: a short 3 miles snatched round Scapa
    Why: On call
    Last hard: Tuesday
    Last rest: yesterday
    Lyrics: no

    Undecided whether to start taper now before Nessie or get one more longish run on Tuesday bearing in mind there is still a half to be done on 22nd.image

    Certainly some good long LSRs going on todayimage
    Postie that's NOT a LSR (at least in my reckoning)image

    ale - probably visitiing HM next week but will be a there and back in the day from Keswick to visit my dad

  • Evening!
    Just in case anyone is confused, the HM that OH and I are referring to is not a Half Marathon but the next (urban) village to where I live, and from where OH hails!

    What: 18 miles including a 10k off road race (well, that's what some friends did...I just went to watch the race). A beautiful day for watching, although perhaps not competing. It was potentially frustrating, but I largely resisted the temptation to break into a jog, restricting myself to a 4k walk...and managed to go over on my (bad) ankle in the was that type of terrain. Seems OK though.

    Last hard: not running today when I really felt like it. Actually this is a positive because not very long ago the last thing I felt capable of was running.
    Last rest: will be tomorrow!

    Decent LSRs going on!

    Lyrics: no

    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • Evening

    Rest day

    Need to catch up.

  • OH - only you know how well you recover so how long you need to taper. I know from experience that it takes me at least two weeks to get over a long or hard run so do my last LSR three weeks out with maybe a two hour run two weeks before a marathon but many people will do their last LSR two weeks out. I really didn't fancy a dip in the Derwent!

    Alehouse - good restraint. Hope you reap the rewards.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • I'll just add myself to list list of long runs.

    What: 32.5km - not very enjoyable. Pacing the 5.45km pack for my club, lots of moaning going on about going too fast. We ended up averaging 5.37km pace so lots of agro for not too much, time they ditched those garmins and run on feel!!

    It was funny in retrospect, because as we turned for the return journey I realised the wind had been behind us and it was mostly downhill, a different story on the home run, I'm sure they would have also been complaining if we ran 5.50km pace on the way home!

    Not a happy bunny - and these a complaints from people half my age! They must think it is easy for me - how funny is thatimage 

    Rant over - sorry had to share that with someone other than my family.

  • OH depends if the "S" is slow or steady image

    LMH my Taper LSR's ought to be 20, 15, 10 with reduced mid week runs starting September 30th.

  • Evening

    NZC i understand these youngster eh image Though i have a Garmin  i use it so i have an idea how far i've been for this comeback decided to run by feel as you say sometimes quick sometimes slow. As most of my runs never follow the same route But tonight  battery low before it cut out so no idea how far i'd gone i'm guessing it was around 6  miles as i was gone for around an hour  but i don't know won't know till i measure it on fetch, but its not working at the mo

    Highlight of run doing a bit of a sprint near end of runpassed two black guys and one called out Shabba. Loved it was brilliant

  • Pammie - sounds like you had a great run - good work!

  • Postie, I'm getting excited for you. I just LOVE the Abingdon marathon. It holds the honours for my fastest and least fast/ most enjoyed.

    NZC, If you are leading the coaching group, why not tell them to shut the F up, turn the Garmin off, or if they insist keeping it on, to put it in a zipped pocket. Bill the next outing as a "Naked run".

    Tom, how do you manage an "unexpected 3 miles off road"? You can't get lost on a regular rat run!
    If Beth Tweddle got strapped to a biplane, then there is one place in the UK where I know that this is welcomed. That's near me. The biplanes are owned by Vic Norman, and operate out of a bit of Gloucestershire owned by one Nick Mason, Pink Floyd Drummer and serious car nut. I once popped in there to talk flying, and ended up leaving my business card on the seat of his Ferrari. The 250 GTO. Worth anywhere between 7 and 15 MILLION pounds. He thrashes it for fun, and has even taken the kids to school in it in the snow!

    7D, it does seem that you have been to much further swum places than I have. But that's not a surprise. If you can knock out 1000m as 4x250 then just put it into context with running. It's like leaving off from training and thinking that a half marathon in 2 hours is easy. Yeah, right (as my kids would say).
    My progress is surprising me. I'm not being boastful, I'm just reporting that I am seeing improvements week by week, but so I should. After 4 months of 3x per week consistent training, with 1x hard session and 2x endurance/consolidation sessions. This past couple of weeks I've been doing 1 mile (64L) twice, plus a hard hour on Sunday. The mile pb'd at 42:15, knocking 5 minutes off the previous week.
    I'm ready to step up the distance.
    The race today was a clear emphasis in the difference in class. I was 50m behind the next slowest swimmer in our club, over 500m.

    Flying was a bit of a nervous one for me. A mental arithmetic error, (mine) which I spotted and corrected. Couldn't spot Avebury for love nor money until i did spot it. Then obvious. Practice forced landings worked well, despite a stonking wind effect. Licence is now signed off, and a quick dash home, or more accurately to the swimming session.

    Tonight's swim was a pyramid session, and I just ran out of steam before the end.


  • AHA
    Provisional results are up from the Cheltenham tri. I was in team TTG2, and it appears that the few marshalls that were in evidence actually did DQ people.
    I think that I came 157/389 males, 16/57 age group, and finished in 59:10. Apparently team TTG2 finished in an aggregate time better than any of the others. (Probably due to the DQs).
    Best of all, it was a glorious day, and I hope that the local press make the most of it, because it was fantastically photogenic. BTW, the T shirt is fantastic, it's a heavy cotton with real embroidery! (Mine got dirty from chain ring marks before I got home).

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