long slow run

hello all I run approximately 3x5km a week, and would like to increase my stamina. would I be better decreasing the length of my weekday runs and increasing a weekend run as a long slow run? is there any general rule on how long your long slow run should be in comparison to your other runs? thanks!


  • If I recall, the recommndation is something like a long run thats no more than ~50% of the distance of your weekday runs. However, as you're only running 15km (9 miles) that would give you a long run the same as you're doing now! That rule only really applies when you start upping your milleage, don't decrease any of your runs, just add 1 mile to whichever run suits you best and take it from there. When your long run gets to 6-7 miles maybe you should think about doing more miles in the week, either per run, or preferably another run.

  • Thank you, I will do!
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