Your tattoos..

When your standing in the race pack, waiting to cross over the start line, you cannot help but notice other peoples tattoo's. Some look really cool, some look really naff, but its all personal. I admit i have several, and are..different... basicaly i am a comic book fan, so got a Punisher skull on one arm, and an image of The Punisher himself, brandishing a .45,

Whats everyone else got?



  • Celtic knotwork, various designs, runs up the back of my right leg from ankle to bum. Not finished yet, another couple of pieces in the pipeline.

  • Unfortunately, my teenage years have resulted in me looking like a 3 year olds drawing. Faded to a strange blue.
  • My dad has two, one on each forearm - done when he was 17 and in the navy, one is a magnificent sailing clipper under full sail the other a large eagle with the legend mother blacked out as she wasn't impressed!! Now in his 79th year - all he has are two blue blodges on his arms - almost unidentifiable as to what they really are - I have never bothed for that reason.

  • The word "Ludo" tattood on my willy, so when it's erect it says "Llandudno."



  • ...and there's still room to tattoo "llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch" on to it!


  • Lol!
    I've only got one. My IM logo and I love it! image 

  • Nothing. I like to be unique image

    OH has our running club's logo on his upper arm. That gets noticed a lot in races and as it says 'born to run' he feels he has to keep going. image

  • No tattoos as I can remember the things I like, the places I have been to, the women, i have sleep with, and my own birthday.

    What I cant recall I can Google, look up in a book or phone the lady in question.



  • Arrows of Chaos on lower back, mine & a woman's star signs on shoulder. M-dot on bicep
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Tattoos. The preserve of those who had been either in the Navy or the nick! so my 78 year old mother informs me. 

  • I have a small Hermes wing on my wrist - To do with running.

    My son was conceived in Hong Kong and wants a tattoo between his shoulder blades saying - MADE IN HONG KONG or MADE IN CHINA

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Why not across his forehead?

  • Tattooing, "The Art of the People". Unfortunately most people don't know their art from their elbow and need to tattoo "elbow" on their elbow to remind them.


  • I have no tattoos. I can't see the point in them.

  • The head of a dog on my upper right arm.  A straight rip off from the Sick Puppy Carl Hiassen novel image It's cute. same purple colours.

    An artistic line drawing outline of an elephant on my arse with the trunk pointing towards my spine.

  • My tattoos are my own business.

  • I have several including IM on left calf and Disney Marathon logo on right calf, kids names on right forearm and a few others image

  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    I don't like them, it's a personal thing. I dislike them vehemently. To develop this further would cause an enormous amount of offence.
  • Lil Comrades?

    Small gecko on upper arm, can't be seen even with t shirt.

    As an aside at what level of employment do visible tattoos become a hindrance? Eg I work in oil industry where tats are not abnormal but on the more professional side which is why I didn't get a " visible " one as I felt it might have a negative impact when applying for jobs or dealing with clients
  • Got Chelsea FC badge on right arm. God a cross on right forearm. Left Arm black dragon. Thats it. My little brother on the other hand is a totally different kettle of fish. He looks like a doodle pad.

    I have no problems with my tattoos in the line of work I do. If anything they are a help because in my job I am equal with everybody else. My first real job will be a Vicar on a council estate. So do I want to be wafting around in robes looking like a 19th Century Vicar or look like they do. I know what will work best image Oh and I am not saying Tattoos and council estates go together  but you get the jist of it image

  • I've got just the one.  So far.image 

    On my right upper arm, I've got a pisces zodiac sign with the fish representing 'ying' and 'yang' 

    Only got it in February this year, just before my 48th birthday. 

  • kittenkat wrote (see)
    lardarse wrote (see)

    ......and that's why I haven't got any! I look like a big enough twat as it is.



    You could have one of just those tatooed on your body, a statement of irony if you like... imageimage

    Irony or tagline, either way don't think i'll bother.

    I actually don't mind tattoos, especially on women, as tattoos along with piercings are excellent for spotting certain types of women, who can be, shall we say, generous.... image

  • Don't stereotype. Had to bite my tongue not to be really rude in responding. I have 4 tattoos and am female but am certainly NOT generous,  with my affections, my money, my body or anything else that belongs to me.

  • Including my 4-footed bodyguard.




  • Love that last edit, Mme Ironwolf!

    It's almost as loud as Tom's contribution, which I believe is in the red corner.

    I'm naked, apart from the place where I got stabbed with a pencil.

  • I have tattoos. I like them. I shall defend to the death your right to voice your opinion about them but don't stereotype the ink adorned it makes you look foolish.
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