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Hi all. I'm taking part in a race in a few weeks at Walt Disney World, where people typically run wearing costumes - not the big, uncomfortable kind, but basically running gear (tech tops, running skirts, running dresses, accessories) coloured or detailed to look like a certain character.

American websites (such as have all sorts of fun things, but I simply cannot find anything here. Google has not been my friend on this subject - all my searches come up with are giant, fluffy outfits for running masochists, or 118118 costumes.

Has anyone managed to buy anything like this in the UK, and if so, where?


  • Look at dance shops and have a rummage in general fancy dress shops.

    Also goth style shops usually have some good skirts to run in.
  • Heya, I've been having the same problem! Did you end up finding anything? Looking for a costume for the London marathon this year.  I did manage to find this one place:, might have to try one out

  • spiderman suits on ebay, if you get the newer loking ones some of them are very good replica's of the modern movies, and they are prilliant to run in i;d imagine, no different to most lycra running gear. 

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Jimmy Savile!

  • Turn to Irony, go as a runner

  • Not sure about the OP, but I was looking for something a bit more feminine than spiderman :P  I guess the same principles apply to female superheroes...maybe wonder woman or super woman...hmmm

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