Should I run as soon as soreness is better?

I started getting mild knee pain four days ago, probably due to an abrupt transition from running half flat and half down hill to running the same distance half flat and half up hill. I didn't realise the incline makes such a difference to joints, I assumed that if my cardiovascular system could handle it, the rest of my body was probably ready too. Clearly not!

I don't know what's actually happening inside them yet because I haven't been able to see my doctor, but I've been elevating them, icing them and doing the recommended exercises, stopped doing squats, and I took one's complete rest and then yesterday and today I powerwalked on the flat instead. Now there's just the occasional twinge. If tomorrow there's no discomfort at all, can I carefully re-introduce running (flat only) or give it a few more days, if I want it to heal completely before continuing?

I don't want to extrapolate from advice given for injuries that have been ignored or are severe and end up losing more fitness than absolutely necessary. I don't have access to ellipticals, treadmills or swimming water so not being able to run is a big problem for my fitness.

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