Bacchus Half-Marathon

Was this the best race I've run? I think it might have been!


  • Garmin readout - note - switched it off while I went for a leak (mile 8? bottom of first big hill), and forgot to switch it back on again until mile 11, so there is a gap...

    Bacchus half marathon 2012

  • It was my first ever running event and it was so much fun. I probably shouldn't have had wine at EVERY stop (and more than one helping at that) but when in Rome and all that. Brilliant marshals, the hog roast at the end was lovely too and the medals have a bit of weight to them. Felt a bit sorry for some of the people I was chatting to who have only ever run on the road and treadmill. It is pretty challenging terrain. Loved it. Shame the organisers couldn't turn the temperature down a bit. It was HOT.

  • I was there for the fun run - definitely looked like fantastic organisation and I'll put the half on my list of events for next year!

  • Thoroughly enjoyed this yesterday! Chatted to so many runners, really enjoyed the scenery, the marshalls and drink stops were fantastically well stocked, and the terrain was challenging. Loved the picnic atmosphere at the end, too! Definitel signing up again next year! image

    (I was the sailor girl if anyone saw me? navy skirt, white singlet with navy kerchief, and a white cap)

  • I saw you Squirrellypoo; think I might even have given you your medal image

  • I didn't see you, but I wish I had!

    Feeling sore today... dreading tomorrow!

  • Trogs. wrote (see)

    I saw you Squirrellypoo; think I might even have given you your medal image

    image Thanks for giving me the best one in the pile!

  • Interested to see that two runners were disqualified, one from the half and one from the full, for wearing headphones. It was very clearly stated on the entry forms and online that that would be the case. In which case, why would you wear headphones?

    IMHO, wearing headphones is like telling all the other runners to eff off. Don't run in a bubble!

    Well done to the organisers - stick to your guns!

  • I ran this, or should I say staggered it, in the heat. Was my first HM ever. I was the man in the black Spiderman suit, whose face mask didn't last two seconds after the start. Great race, great marshalls. Has definitely given me the distance running bug. Already entered for Stroud on 21 Oct on the back of this. Wanting to beat my PB of 3.42.58.
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