Newmillerdam 10K

Did anyone run this new event this morning???

Thoughts please?

I was informed by one of the stewards that about 130 runners started


  • Haven't been on this forum for approx 6 years but am back. Enjoyed the Newmillerdam 10k yesterday, finished in exactly an hour, which is a bit long for me. The route was as expected, hilly, rugged and bumpy in places. Twas a challenge. Downsides... one or two inconsiderate runners discarding water bottles on the very narrow paths. Those two cheeky terriers OFF their leads and getting underfoot near the turning point, and OMG no t-shirts! I love an event tshirt and was banking on getting something new to wear! All in all, a good race, though quite a steep fee (for no tshirt!).

  • Emma
    I'm glad you enjoyed it, it was (to all intents & purposes) a home-race for me, sa I'm in 'Ackworth Road-Runners', & live not too far away (Normanton)

    I've emailed organisers with both praise & criticism
     -  Dogs?? yes, a problem (& warnign signs for public next year, telling them what's happening)

     - Bottles dropped - asking for a reminder next year to tell runners to 'carry out' & put in bins at end (think the organisers will have cleared up though)

    T-shirts???, given that ti;s a first time, & a small community group, personally I didn't expect one

    As far as I could ascertain from one of the organisers (the guy in the orange hi-viz), there was circa 130 starters (if I heard correcly, I was 16th @ a very slow 49:30)

    Keep an eye here, as I presume they'll add the reuslts (or a link to a site used, like; 'UK Results'?

  • Ah ok, I was hoping there would be some results somewhere. Will keep checking.

    I don't run with a club but have been running since 1997. My longest and last race was 2005 when I did the Blackpool Marathon, loved it. Had a two-children break and resumed running last September, It's helped shift 4 stone so I'm not complaining. I'm fortunate to live within walking distance from this event, in fact, a couple of houses up the road from the man in the orange hi-viz!

    The other problem I found was on the home straight, the path from the boathouse to the finish. There were alot of walkers out for their Sunday stroll all walking side by side with not much space to squeeze through. An air horn could be a good accessory next year! I even overheard someone saying "Why the hell would anyone want to run around here!?". Er, because we want to!

  • Yes, a lot had the same problems, especially when groups were coming in.

    As stated, signs were a suggestion for next year (be they provided by the Council, or the organising community group)

    Some friends of our live locally too, on the Pledwick side of the ford on Slack Lane  I was going to ask if I could park at their house (if car-parks were full)

    We (as a Club) pass through the Dam/woods most Sundays, on the morning run

    As for the Dogs, I wanted that grey Alsation puppy that was at the finish - absolutely gorgeous!!

  • I enjoyed the run but found it hard going. I'm obviously more out of shape than I thought I was! I'd normally finish in 48 ish minutes. It took me 57. I grew up in sandal and now live in Sheffield so it wasn't too far to come and it was worth the trip. The informality and the lack of things like chip timers was refreshing. The organisers were friendly.

    The ignorance of the general public (not being inclined to move an inch to accommodate exhausted runners towards the end in particular) was disappointing but sadly not surprising. I'm not too sure the organisers can do too much about that. I mean, if you have to ask people to be considerate they generally aren't going to be considerate.

    My kids loved the fun run!

    A loud hailer for announcements at the start would be good next time.

    Many thanks to the organisers. I hope they do it again next year.
  • @ Chris;

    It was a surprisingly hard course,I normally finish a road 10K in 42:35  -  43:30

    Even fell-races, like the (6 mile, Bingley Harriers organised) 'Harriers vrses Cyclists' take less time than that!!

    I'm using my recovery from 'micro-fractures of the Femur' as an excuseimage

  • i did this race too and still cannot find the results anywhere, any info about that yet guys think i got round in 46 or 47 mins did enjoy it i love to run round the woods rather than the roads. the finishing straight was a problem nearly shoulder charged a oap but still good

  • Have e-mailed a couple of the organisers to enquire abotu results (& where they'll be added)
    Not eeceived a reply yet - will let the 3 of you know when I do

  • Thanks Richard. I have been checking the website. They did seem to be recording times so I am assuming that results will be posted somewhere eventually.
  • Good race and enjoyed it but felt longer than 10k to me finished 48.20

  • Has anyone seen any results yet???

    The NCCA website (organisers) was updated Sunday 23rd, but no mention of the race barring the initial link/page

  • Almost 4 weeks onwards & still no sign of results

    Still no answer to my e-mails, no updates to 'NCCA' website, haven't seen anything on 'UK Results' or anywhere else.

    Very disappointing, & hopefully there's a good reason for no sign of them

  • Yes I agree. If they aren't going to post the results somewhere why note down finishing times??
  • Received a reply to my e-mails yesterday!!, here it is (minus the phone numbers)

    I finally got a reply to e-mails about the NewMillerdam 10k I've copied/pasted it (minus the phone-numbers given)


    Hi Richard We are aware that the time keeping was a bit of an issue and it is one of a number of issues we would intend to address if we do this event again. I have attached the spreadsheet we did of the first three men and women across the line . We had no idea how serious you runners were about placings and times. The guy who started this event, Peter Moore, thought people would just turn up, run and move onto the next event. I don't know how local you are to Newmillerdam, but I am wondering if your interest in running might extend to helping us improve this event .   If you would like to help us with this my phone number is  




    I replied giving them the name of the local (to them club); Wakefield Harriers, & that they ask for advice (& also my club)
    Plus, suggested that interested members go watch Barnsley !0K on Sunday, & speak to organisers of that, re; timekeeping/results


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