Pangbourne 10k

I went along to support the Pangbourne 10k today with the rest of the family (having run it last year).  Good weather, nice little race through the woods and fields but .......... just after the 3k marker the runners were instructed by a marshall to turn right, run to a cone positioned in the path and come back again.  I stood there and watch the leaders, probably around 15 of them continued straight on past the cone towards another clump of woods.  They continued never to be seen again ...........  Once the marshall realised that the runners weren't returning, a supporter volunteered to stand by the cone and redirect the runners back on to the correct course.

The lead guys had run the first 3ks (uphill) in under 16 minutes and were really going for it.  I for one would have been seriously p*ss*d off if that happened to me.

Were you one of those runners or do you know one of them?  What happened to them once they reached the woods and how did they return to the start.  Very curious...

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