Zero to Hero - The heart defect student

Hello runner's!

I'm new to these forum's so please don't bite image

Without putting too much info on here right now, of which most can be found at, I am completely new to running, swimming and road cycling. Having come out of hospital after major heart surgery in November 2011 I intend to completely change my life around, hopefully completing at some point an Ironman race..

Having recently finished the NHS couch to 5k plan and now setting off into my own world of training and planning, I must admit it is very deep water on your own.. which is why I am here image

As I said I'm pretty much a complete beginner when it comes to running, and will be needing alot of help to carry on this dream.

Thank's for reading (hopefuly) and if people do want to help me out please comment below image


- Chris


  • Hi.....glad to see you have a focus and making changes..........good luck.just take it slowly and you will get to where you want to be

    Good luck

  • You want to catch the us over to the darkside as well .... lots of info in the Tri section

    Good luck with your journey

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