Increasing Weekly millage

I currently run around 30 miles per week, what would be the best way for me to increase the miles each week?


  • The magic number is 10% but as to where you add it really depends on what you are trying to acheive. Do you have a set distance in mind? Or a certain event?

    I have just changed my schedule for the Dorset CTS. Was running 30-40 miles a week over five days. But during the week I was doing 3 lots of 5 miles because of time. However i've scratched that because 5 miles doesn't really get me warmed up now. So I am doing more mileage over 3 days instead. Big run Thursday night anything from 4-5 hours. Or up to 26-27 miles. Then the next day doing a 10 miler then Sunday doing another 15 miles. So it really depends what you are training for and what time you have to spend on running. You could notch a miles onto each of your runs if you run say 3 times a week at 10 miles?

  • You either increase the number of sessions or increase the miles per run. As TheVicar says, what suits will depend on your schedule. So you could add an extra 3-mile run, or add a total of three miles to your other runs - e.g. 1 mile to each of three runs. Then build up from there. 10% rule helps prevent injury from overdoing it, as does having a drop-down week every few weeks (build mileage over say 3 weeks then back off a bit the fourth week, then build again).

  • Thanks for the responses. Im currently training for race distances from 10k up to half marathon. I currently do a few runs a week, one long run of around 10 miles and then 3-4 other runs that are around 4-7 miles each. Ive got a bit of time on my hands at the moment as im a student and work part time also so ive got 1-2 hours per day I could go running.

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