Wet; but warm and visible

Hello runners I have only been running for five months and I'm now running 10k three times a week on average, training for a half marathon in spring 2013. So far it has been pretty mild with plenty of light. Now that autumn is approaching and the nights are definitely drawing in, I'm starting to rethink my wardrobe. I run in shorts and a vest, with a baseball cap if it's fiercely sunny, or raining hard. I love running in the rain image My worry is staying seen and staying warm but I don't want to wear a bulky sweaty jacket if I don't have to. Can anyone recommend a good option for me? Many thanks image


  • Fluorescent yellow windproof gilet?

  • Warm-ish and wet ought to be fine in a technical t-shirt and shorts. If it's less warm, trade the t-shirt for a long-sleeved base-layer, like a Helly Hansen or something. Only truly arctic conditions merit the whole jacket/long tights setup IMHO!
    Visibility's easily improved by a hi-viz vest, e.g. one of these:  http://www.ronhill.co.uk/proDetails.php?pId=113&catNId=8&bUrl=catPage
    Most running shops sell them fairly cheaply.

  • Hi-viz long sleeved baselayer for me. Has to have neck zip for ventilation. All weathers, except freezing minus temps when I'll wear a techy vest underneath.

  • Aldi/Lidl (can't remember which) is selling hi-viz running bibs just now for less than  tenner. Through the winter, I run in a kids size hi-viz gilet with reflective stripes I got on eBay for £2. The adult size ones are for big chunky builders to wear over waterproofs and I found kids size medium (10-12yrs) the best fit for me - female size 12. Much more bright and noticeable than most fluorescent running gear and a lot cheaper too!

  • i run all year around in shorts and vest..I do have a montane featherlight jacket which rolls up into the size of an apple and is great for when visibilty ois bad or there is wind or rain..very lightweight and visible and doesn't get you hot............


  • In winter I wear tights and a s/s or l/s top (depending on how cold). If it's wet, I'll wear a gilet or jacket, but with just a vest underneath to stay cool unless it's really cold. If it's super cold I'll also wear long stripy socks over the tights to keep my calves warm, but that's only if you want to look really.... erm... mad?

  • Thanks everyone.

    So if I was to look for a long sleeve baselayer for winter.... any suggestions?? image
  • I don't like the vests - flap about & gave me runners nipple. I picked up some hi-viz, reflective armbands with red led lights from Lidl for a couple of quid or so and they've been great.

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