Wentworth Castle 5 Mile Trail Race

This was my first trail race and it was very difficult but a good challenge.  There were only about 60 runners who were mainly club runners (I am unattached).  The start was in a field with no path and you just had to follow the tractor tracks.  It was well marshalled which made a difference or I would have got lost. It was very hilly with lots of grass hills and a steep grass hill finish but I did enjoy it.  The finish was a bit poor and a bit of 'free for all'.  There was no official goodie bag or t-shirt like you normally expect but a pile of technical t-shirts donated by a sports shop which were just piled up on the floor for you to grab.  When I got home I noticed mine had the logo on upside down so I think they were just seconds the shop wanted to get rid of so I was disappointed with that.  I do like some kind of momento to say I did a race with the event name on.  I dont think I would do this race again as i realised that trail running is not for me but if you are a hardcore trail runner you will love it.  I will stick to road races and social running with my dog.


  • That`s a low turnout. Was it expensive? Ought to be a nice spot for an event.

  • the scenery was lovely but it cost £12 (Im an unattached runner).  hopefully as this was the first one they will have taken on board feedback and next year it will be better. it isnt my kind of running though so think i will stick to road running.

  • Couldn't fault the organization overall for their first event (agree with the free for all comment with the goodie bags). Testing uphill sections but equally some nice downhill sections to balance things out. My first trail race too but hasn't put me off having a crack at some other races.

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