chaffing sports bra - but why??

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Been running 20yrs but for last 6mths I'm having terrible chaffing problems. It's the band around the chest that's chaffing and giving me blisters - ouch!

I've never had this problem before so am wondering what's new. Before I start with the body glide and vaseline etc..I was wondering if it might be

a) too big, too small - maybe i've lost/gained weight?

b) old bras? have they got rough from being washed a zillion times?

(prob should add for info...we're talking BIG girls, DDs, so do need loads of support. Am wearing Enell, and lots of different models of Shock Absorbers)

Any suggestions/experience?


  • If you have lost/gained weight, then you should get fitted for new bras.  Also, old bras will have stretched over time and lost their fit/support, which might be why they've started rubbing.

  • I have had a similiar problem but I knew it was because my Bra was too small but being mean knew that a month of running and it would fit perfectly again!

    Have you tried altering the line of hooks you use. When you first buy a bra it should be on the furthest line of hooks so as it stretches over time you move it in to the next one until you have to buy a new one.

    The other thing I have found is that I have to really concentrate on putting it on to make sure no kinks in it and frequently check the straps are adjusted correctly as running seems to loosen them.

    If in doubt I would go and get fitted again.



  • That sounds really painful.

    I am also quite large in the chest department so I have always doubled up my support - which I know is quite old fashioned considering how hi-tech sports bras are now, but it works for me.

    I wear a proper sports bra under a really snug crop top with a really wide band of elastic that keeps everything lovely and smooth and flat. I feel so secure and supported that I just can't bring myself to try running with just one!

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Crimson and nurse ratchet said everything I would say.

    I was told that bras for bigger ladies lose their support starting from 60 washes so you need to be careful that you're not wearing one that's too old.

    I'd head to bravissimo - they always sort me out with the right bra and up to now - I've never had any issues with them
  • I have also had this problem recently - started fastening the bra more tightly (next set of hooks) and this seems to have solved it.

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