I had a bad run today!

Hi all,

I started training in March for the Bristol Half Maarthon which is 3 weeks away now. The last 2 out of 3 runs have been a real effort. On Friday I went out for a 10 mile run which was ok but I attempted another 10 miler today & had to turn around as I had no endurance or stamina at all & felt really hot! Another run last week was also a real effort & my legs felt really heavy & I was slow & sluggish. Do you have ANY advice or ideas as to why this may be? I have been trying to stay hydrated etc. I cant get my speed up at all - not even for a fartlek/interval. 





  • What is your usual training week ... including mileage and pace?

  • Why two long runs so close together?  What's on your training programme for this week?

  • Usually I do a long run on monday - have been building it up over the months but only done 10 miles twice. 

    tues - rest

    weds- tempo 4-6 miles

    thurs - rest

    Fri - Fartlek 4 miles

    I guess in the last month I have been 20 miles or a bit less a week on average.


    The reason I attempted 2 long runs close together is beacause I had a free day today and thought I would seize the opportunity as I have quite a hectic schedule - probably a bad move?



  • PS  last week my tempo run was 8.44mins a mile and I kept this up for 6 miles


  • 20 miles per week is not much for HM training ... and not enough to support a 10 mile long run. This is why it run took so much out of you and left you fatigued for the next run.

    Take a look at the first 3 posts in this thread  for some sensible advice about how to construct a training week based upon the race distance you're aiming for.


  • Shoot, do you think with only 3 weeks to go I am totally stuffed then? I was advised to only run 3 times a week by an experienced runner who said mixing up different running types would pay off & be ok for a HM.
  • Don't worry about it now, you can't change what you have done already, and maybe next time you will do things differently but the fact that you can run 10 miles and although I have not done the Bristol Half I am guessing it is a big one with lots of people and support you will be fine - just don't go off to fast take pletny of water etc etc - you will probably be better prepared than a lot - If on the other hand you are hoping to win it and set a new world record you are probably stuffed!!!!

    Other than that you will be fine - good luck

  • Agree with Grendel3 the training is there,you will also get an extra boost on the day (crowds,race day experience etc...) Quality over Quantity with training for an event,and we all have bad days  

    What time are you looking for ? or are you just looking to get around (with ten miles in the bag you will have no worries)

    Good luck

  • image thank you, I was beginning to consider pulling out of it... Your words mean a lot. Am so stressed now!
  • You'll get around, don't worry about that ... just explaining why you feel drained. You make it to 13.1 ... but you won't be anywhere near your real potential, so keep that in mind for the future.image

  • Thanks all for your good advice. Have looked at those threads Dr Dan& realise I am on a steep learning curve. I shouldn't have taken my friends advice as gospel truth. I just thought he knew & that I would be ok. Gutted!! But thanks a lot for your help & for replying to my pathetic plea!
  • Your friend, as a seasoned runner does probably know what he is talking about - If I was going to do somehting differently, as you are, I presume very new to running possibly wouldn't have suggested doing two speed sessions - I would have suggested the long run an tempo run and perhaps a steady run - if you have over-done it slightly, you have 3 weeks in which to recover so perhaps look to do a steady run and a tempo run - you'll be tapering the long run anyway. 

    And remember to enjoy it!!!

  • Enjoy it?! oh yes, that did momentarily slip my mind so thank you! & I shall continue with steady & tempo from now on too image happy days
  • Yes. Six mile tempo run is too long. 3-4 miles is enough. Adding an extra 10mile is effectiviely adding 50% to your weekly mileage and too much in one hit.

    Stick to the plan and slow your long run pace right down. Most people do their Long Slow Run far too fast.

    Good luck.

  • Hey, ive had similar probelms and learnt the hard way. I would just stick to one long run per week, and make sure you get plenty of rest the day after. I'd say your legs just haven't had enough time to recover properly that's all. It takes quite a bit of effort to do speed work and fartlek anyway, so to do them with tired legs is just going to wear you out more. I take supplements to recover, they do work and get you through hard weeks. Good luck! image
  • If you've covered 10M in training you'll finish, and the Bristol course is nice and flat.  Also, the last couple of miles have got relatively decent crowd support (I think; although they have tweaked the route a few times over the years and so I tend to get a bit confused!) which will help a lot.  Start out nice and steadily on the day as it's more fun to spend a race overtaking people than it is to spend a race being overtaken.  Good luck.

  • Cool, sounds good! Big thanks & nice to hear from someone who knows the course a bitimage
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