I AM 43


I WANT TO RUN UNTIL 20/11/2012

10 K IN 40 MIN




  • Let's see.  Assume your 10k today was a race, and was flat, and that your 10k in two month's time is a race, and flat.  Assume that you are already somewhat trained for 10k, as 45:xx would suggest, and that you didn't just go out and run 10k with nothing prior.  Assume that 45 is really 45:xx, and that your desire is actually to run sub-40.  Assume that you have weight to lose, so in 10 weeks you could healthily lose 10lbs, or just over 4kg, and assume that such weightloss doesn't affect the quality of your training - that alone would give you something like 2 minutes meaning you only need to gain 3+ (call it 3:20) mins through training in 10 weeks (allowing taper for optimum effect).  That's a gain of about 20s per week over the 10k, everything else being equal, no illness or injury.


  • thank you

    how neny weeks i need to train to gain 5 min for 10k

  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Totally agree with Ratzer.

    It can be done, but not only will you have to train hard, you will need to know what you are doing and train in a very effective manner. My guess is that you will probably get injured in the process.

    I managed to improve my 10k from 44:25 to 39:03 in just three months several years ago, but I suspect that my circumstances were quite different from you.

    Incidently, it took a further nine months to improve that 39:03 to 38:58!!!

    So in answer to your second question it would allow 6-9 months to improve your current 10k by 5mins.
  • at Tom says, it depends on how long you have been running. if you have just started, the times will come down quickly; if not, this is mission impossible!

  • Hard to say - but I did manage a few years ago to go from 45:46 in mid January to 40:46 at the end of March. There were two factors for me with this...the first time was on a flat/undulating course and the 2nd on a largely flat course. The 2nd factor was that I continued to lose a lot of weight at the time. PB since then is 39:49 (although put weight on again since and have lost it again). Even though I didn't go from 45 to 40 in a matter of months, I guess what I am trying to say is that you need more than just training as a factor to improve your time that quickly!

  • thank you evry one

    i will try the race is at the end of novmber

    ill try to lose 2 kilo and train hard

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