inov8 f-lite 195's

It might seem a strange question as they are a minimalist shoe but...

has anyone tried them with orthotics or know if the footbed is wide enough to accomodate a pair of orthotics, also do they have a removeable sockliner?

I midfoot strike so really don't need a big chunky heel but I'm not ready to ditch my orthotics for long runs just yet. I've heard so many good things about this shoe but I cant find any to try on and it's alot of hassle sending them back if they don't fit!


  • Assuming that insole is the same as a sockliner, then yes it's removable. No idea if there's space for an orthotic, I guess it depends on how big your feet and the orthotic is. The forefoot isn't very wide on them, and there's a bit of a lip on the outsole (that i've cut off) that might also be an issue. The insole is only 3mm thick in the first place, which is fairly thin compared to some others.

  • Thanks, mine are only 3/4 length so I normally find it is a narrow shoe midfoot that causes problems, I need a nice flat bed for them and yes I meant sockliner image

  • Probably doesn't help, but I just took a picture with the foot bed out so that it might give a vauge idea about width.



  • thanks that is helpful, they don't look too narrow image

  • They use the Inov 'Performance Last', narrower than their Endurance. Having said that my wide feet fit in there ok. Partly because there's so little structure to the uppers I think.

  • It's tricky, I can fir them in most shoes but the Salomon fellcross and NB 110's were a fail as too narrow in the midfoot image I used them in inov8 mudclaws ok before 

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