Body-Type from running

I've give up the gym due to costing and focussing more on my running.

I train 4x per week.




Long run

Social- 20 minute light jog and then swim, run or cycle home.

I'm worried about ending looking like really skinny etc, anyone got any tips? I was thinking press ups, situps to build up and keeping protein high.

I have a little muscle on arms, shoulders but fairly small 5ft 5 11st, so weight needs to come down thus running, just want to look in shape without having to worry about the gym as I hate the gym image


cheers everyone, great forum, got a great training plan from someone on here a while back really helped, but cutting costs now



  • anyone?


  • If you ask me, anything short of high-mileage marathon training isn't going to make you emaciated or skinny. Maybe keep one session a week of something that's good for the upper body (swimming? weights? circuits?)

  • I just want to be able to look slim, will running get rid of my man boobs?

    I can do press ups etc

  • You don't suddenly wake up one morning and find you are thin. It takes months of training and watching your diet to lose weight.

    How far is your long run?

    Get a chin bar from Argos, about a tenner. Press ups will do your triceps and back. Chins will do forearms, biceps and pecs(man boobs).
  • tHnaks tim,pethead.

    I'm fairly clued up to be honest its more mental.

    I was diagnosed with a body disorder a few months back, kind of never happy with the way I look etc.

    I just want to look toned etc without going to the gym, cant stand the place.

    My long run tommorow will probably be in the region of 40 minutes.

    then when I get back- press ups, abs, pull-ups, dips etc.


  • Commodus, I'm naturally built like a javelin thrower or rower more than an endurance runner.  I find that even though I've upped my miles quite a lot to train for a marathon, body type is incredibly resistant to changing.  So I haven't in fact lost visible muscle mass in my upper body at all, contrary to what I expected (and even hoped - can't get much lighter without losing lean muscle mass).  

    From what I've read about moobs, the cause is adipose tissue more than lack of pectoral training.  Please be really careful tho if you have been diagnosed with a body disorder - as you well know, your mind can play nasty tricks.   Just go out there and run and perhaps choose some core exercises - google this. They will complement your running and help keep injuries at bay.

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