first time group run

Hi I do a lot of running with my dog, great running in country side with dog, but just decided to do the 10k Coventry run in November 2012, I should like it, but never run in group before, only with dog. I won't be running to be fastest though, just for fun.


  • I mainly run with my dog too. He comes out on some club runs, even the odd race if he won't get in the way (I'm a back-o'-the-pack plodder!)

    We don't do any road running though, it's nearly all fell or maybe trail runs. I agree about the joys of off road running with a dog, I couldn't go back to tarmac now!

  • Your right bud. I'm doing the 10k run, to lose some belly. I been going gym for last 4 months and started to get in shape, just got to lose bit more gut lol. I do like a beer once it twice a week. I'm 42 and not ready to let myself go yet.

    Dog is a collie German Shepard cross, and he's so clever, runs next to by the road even and even tries to open gates on way lolm
  • In the mean time until the 10k, I keep running with dog 4 times a week for three or four mile. Keeps dog fit, he only weighs 25 kg. Hopefully 10 k should be pretty simple, not done half marathon yet, and as of yet, no desire to do one.
  • A parkrun - - might be a good way to run with others with your dog. Timed 5k run free to enter. Just visit the website and register, print a barcode and you're set to turn up and run at any of the events around the country/world.

    FAQ re running with dogs seems reasonable.


  • Thankyou, hopefully they close.
  • Can I ask if you have to get sponsors? To be honest I just like paying a fee and running, scrounging money off people is not really for me.
  • Hi, I must admit I feel the same as you asking for sponsorship all the time. I'm not sure what the answer is though. I looked at the video of the manchester Marathon I think, and one lass turned round and said that she was just doing it for herself this time.

  • Fair play to her, they would get more money I think on entry fees if people didn't have to scrounge money off people.
  • If you got sponsors off your mates, and family, for one run, great! But what happens if you have a run the next month and the next month, do you keep asking for money? I for one will only be doing runs, which are just pay and run.
  • ??10 to run is still ??10, better than no money at all, people that get sponsors will still get sponsors, but they will get more money from people that just want to run.
  • No need t o get sponsors if you don't want to.

    Just pay your fees and run.

    Some races like London marathon are very over subscribed and give a certain amount of places to charities so it might be easier to get a place if you run for a charity but for local races etc no need.
  • farmerboy wrote (see)
    Can I ask if you have to get sponsors? To be honest I just like paying a fee and running, scrounging money off people is not really for me.

    Not sure if the question was directed at me, but re parkruns - - the races are free and no, no sponsorship required. Think of it as a well organised, timed training run in company image

    farmerboy wrote (see)
    Thankyou, hopefully they close.

    Almost certainly, dependent on just where you are. Check out the events list at image

    [And no, I'm not on a commission! Just really glad I discovered it and hope that you will be too.]

  • You will be just fine on the Coventry 10k, its taking place in the war memorial park and its really nice settings there.

    No need for sponsership at all,

    I am registered to run that day too, should be a good morning. See you there

  • I have thought about sponsorship too. This is just my opinion to ask people to give money to your cause you should be doing something "exceptional" for you. If 10k is something that you have worked towards and you see as a pinnacle then definetly raise money. But if 10k's are just part of your running life then its ok not to.

    I intend to do charity collecting on my first HM and IF I ever do a marathon I will definetly try to do something for charity. A friend of mine kept picking up charity places on marathons because he wanted guaranteed places. He had no interest in the charity just wanted to run so that was a little annoying.

    I was looking at the Coventry 10 myself. Does anyone know what it is like?

  • The Coventry 10k will take place in the war memorial park, its a really nice place to run. I'm sure the 10k will be multiple laps though. I go down the park most saturdays for the 5k parkruns. image
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