Taking a week off - need reassurance or kick up backside?

I have done 9 weeks of a 12 week training programme for a HM in 5 weeks time. Am visiting my father who is ill with cancer this weekend so was going to miss weekwn runs anyway. So was going to split Wk 10 over two weeks anyway. However am starting to come down with bad cold (son off school with it which is unusual) so thinking I should just forget about running for a week and make sure well enough to see my Dad at weekend. I built in 2 weeks contingency in my training so should still complete the 12 week training but interested what others would suggest. C


  • Actually ignore that post writing it down has got it clear in my head my Dad has to come first and training second so a week off it is!

  • The problem im having at the minute is finding enough time to do all the training l want but also leaving things alone long enough to allow my body to recover.

    l went to the gym on Saturday morning and hammered my abs and there was just no way l could have done and form of training until today. l intend to go the gym again today and work on my leg strength by doing some squats etc. All in all by the time l go out for a run again it will have been over a week.

    What you have to remember is that recovery is just as important as the training and as such must be taken as seriously. If you continue to try to push yourself beyond what your body is capable of by trying to cram in more training whilst your body is suffering from a heavy cold or after you've incorporated other forms of training then it will only have a negative effect long term.

  • Crimson - You don't want to risk passing it on to your Dad if his immune system is already compromised. However, if you get a chance to do some core exercises before bed, these will help your running without hampering your recovery for your bug. But don't "hammer" your abs like Gareth....

  • Thanks dancing in spikes. Will dig out the core strengthening exercises that I had after I had my son they are always good and won't be too strenous!
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