Perkins Great Eastern Run

Hi Everyone,

Just to let you all know that on the 14th of October the Perkins Great Eastern run is starting.

I went last year and really enjoyed it. I took part in the fun run with a few friends but there is a half marathon on the same day as well.

You can still enter if you are interested.

The website is if you want more information.


  • I just checked the Perkins Great Eastern Run website and you can know check to see if you have got into the race.

    The link is here if you need it.

  • Only 25 days left to the start of the race.

    Anyone else excited?

  • Nope - race pack still not arrived. Starting to get worried now - obviously been a bit of a cock up somewhere. It was sent to my old address. Asked them to resend it to my correct address, but nothing yet image

  • I received my race pack fine a week or so back.  To be honest I was surprised to receive it so early, you don't normally.

  • The race packs should be being sent around now according to the website so perhaps phone or email them again.

    There is only 19 days left people till the start of the race.  

  • I've not received my race pack either (registered on 7 September). I've just sent an email about it, so will see if I get any response.

  • I'm entered, i've just done the GNR in a time of 2:47:13.  Tell me honestly, am i going to be last!?!

  • Having emailed the organisers (no response) my race pack has arrived. I don't know whether it was as a consequence of the emails or not, since I have no idea whether it was read.

    I hope the organisation on the day is better. Looking forward to my first half marathon!

    So long as I can get rid of the knee pain that has come up over the last week image

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Looking forward to this.  If the course is even quicker than it was four years ago it should be... quick!  Please let the wind stay away.  Total Kent AC runners running: 10.  image

  • Looking forward to this too! That sounds encouraging Phil re: the course. If it's as fast and flat as people say, if I can't go sub 1:30 here I might as well give up trying!

  • For those who haven't received their race packs please follow this link for more information.

  • I can't wait - my first half marathon. I stopped smoking after 30 years on NYE and have been building up to this ever since. I'm a bit gutted because I did the splits accidently on wet grass Sunday whilst running the line for my boys footy team - so the groin is very tender at the minute. Hopefully, I 'll be OK to run. I'm hoping to get round in 2h 10m ...but at 46 and 13 1/2st that maybe pushing it lol...

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    I never like it when people say 'fast course'.  Its only fast if you can run fast! image

  • Morning all,

    Just to remind you there is only 4 more days until the start of the race.

    I can't wait. image

  • Two more days people! Only two more days of training till the start of the Perkins Great Eastern Run.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    If you're still training now then you've left it a bit late!

  • Well I enjoyed the run this morning.  Not the most scenic but nice and flat and very happy with my time.  Definately one of the best supported halfs I've done over the years. 

  • I enjoyed getting verbal abuse as I ran round peterborough in my Northampton kit. Top banter which spurred me on LOL.
  • Yes, great race - fast flat course, brilliant support all the way round. Not the most scenic but I'd definitely do it again image

  • I had a great time. The organisation leading up to the race seemed a bit slap dash (the website, the race packs, lack of responses to emails), but I couldn't fault it on the day. Loads of people worked really hard to make it an enjoyable event.

    I agree it wasn't very scenic, but a nice flat HM was what I needed for my first attempt.

    Big thanks to all involved.

  • First time I've run this race and first time I've run in any rave with more than 1500 runners.

    I wondered why there wern't any threads on this race and was quite surprised to see 4000 odd people running with huge numbers from clubs represented.

    Not many posts on this thread.

    Ran it as part of my Rutland Water Marathon training so a good marathon paced run saw me finish in the time I was after and suprisingly well into the top half of the finishers. I will have to run it one year with a PB in mind.

    I hope the person being loaded into the ambulance on a stretcher at the finish line at around 12:30 is OK.

  • scoggy wrote (see)

    The organisation leading up to the race seemed a bit slap dash (the website, the race packs, lack of responses to emails)

    The organisation since the race seems a bit slapdash too! I really enjoyed the race - fast, flat course and good crowd support - and was delighted to crack the 1:30 barrier, only to find in the official results they'd got my race number mixed up and had me down as running half an hour slower image Ok, mistakes happen (the race number was one out so easily done I suppose), but I've emailed twice asking them if they could rectify it and haven't had any response at all so far. Has taken the gloss off an otherwise excellent event to be honest.

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