GREAT NORTH RUN driving and parking??

Hello all,
I have never done the great north run before and since Im taking the family with me to watch we couldnt afford to stay over and decided to drive from Manchester.

My question is 'is there any chance of getting parking in south shields?'. Has anyone driven to the run and if so what's the traffic like in the morning? would it be better to park in North Shields and get the ferry over? I have a young daughter so after the run I would like to just get her in the car as opposed to waiting in a endless queue for the MET back to Newcastle?

Please help!!!!!
Thank you,


  • i have sent you a message

  • We parked by Chichester Metro (one stop from South Shields) and I think we walked back from there to the car. This was in 2010. It depends on how tired your legs will be I guess...

  • Last year we were dropped off at a metro outside newcastle (sorry can't remember which one) and family then parked at the end - we were so early that they had plenty of time to do this - does depend on you looking at a map though and working out way to end bearing in mind road closures. I'm desperately looking for soemone going from Manchester on Sunday morning as my lift has let me down - but guessing you have a car-full by the sounds of it! If you know anyone else do let me know

  • I would be more than happy to offer you a lift but unfortunatley I do have a full car, sorry.

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