Hi all,

I was simply wondering if anybody has experienced the below, whether or not it's normal for a new running.

I'm following a C25K (week 2) plan and start off with a 5min warm up walk.  I then find the first round of intervals are the hardest when it comes to breathing, and my heart rate shoots up to 165 - 173 bpm within the first 30 - 40 seconds. I also feel that my legs are weak at this stage.

However, the following intervals (repeats of the first), feel easier, more relaxed and my bpm seems a little lower.  I smile to myself that the app says "remember, finish strong"...that's dead easy....starting is the difficult bit!

Maybe I've answered my own question ... "relaxed".

For additional information I'm returning to running but not new to exercise.  I don't have the same challenges with cycling, swimming or other lower impact sports (gym sessions).




  • Hi Martin,

    I did my first 10k (slog) on Sunday, had never entered anything before and was really nervous, I also had the same trouble at the start, just couldnt seem to steady my heart rate and get breath to come and go in a relaxed way! My friend was really worried about me, although I was absolutely fine, as I got over half way it seemed to become much easier, I've just put it down to nerves but i have a half marathon in 3 weeks and am fearing the same thing, relax as you say is probably the answer,


    Lou image


  • I find that the first few minutes of a run are always the hardest due to getting my breathing rhythym going and heart rate increasing. It generally subsides quickly, but using a warm up to gradually build up to running pace helps a great deal

  • It can take me up to 2 miles to get into a run and breathing rhythm.  I don't wear a heart monitor so can't comment on my rate of heart beats, but generally find that after a while my breathing settles and although I might be finding the run difficult, my OH says that I look and sound comfortable as I'm not puffing like a train.........image

  • Thanks for the replies all.  I think it's time I added some upper body stretches to my warm up to loosen up a bit.  I think I lean forward a litte too much - I do this due to lower back problems, I guess this may also constrict my breathing.

  • it usually takes me at least a mile before my breathing settles. make the warm up walk quite brisk, to get your circulation and breathing going more?

  • Some of us can take quite a while to really warm up, so don't worry - it's not particularly unusual.

  • Martin, does a walk really warm you up ?. Heavy breathing is nearly always a sign of going too fast. It takes me a good 10 minutes running at 130 bpm to warm up then i am fine for the rest of the run at 145-155 bpm.

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