To Long Run or not to Long Run ...?

Hi there. Looking for a bit of advice really.

My training plan for a half marathon on 23rd Sept was rudely interrupted by my work schedule last week and caused me to miss my last long run before my race.

With work being as nuts as it is, I'm going to struggle to fit a long run in until 1 week before the race. Is it worth doing a long run within a week of the race or should I follow my plan and taper??

Any advice for a first time half marathoner very much appreciated!


  • follow plan and taper.

  • I would taper to be honest, if you've managed to get at least 8 or 10 mile run in you should be fine. But I would not look for a time based half marathon race, just get yourself round and tackle PB next time.

    The more rested you feel on the day is best, another way of conducting the race is break it down into chunks, 5k, 10k and 16k then you've only got 3 mile to go!

    Good luck!

  • It takes two weeks for your body to benefit from any particular training, so you are not going to get any benefit from a long run one week before your race.  As others said, don't worry about and follow the taper to make sure your are rested prior to the race.

  • Thanks everyone. I've managed a 14 in training, so know I can do the distance, just worried that I'll lose some fitness ... but like you say, the rest is probably needed!!!

  • You'll be totally fine with 14 in training! As long as you've gone long (10 miles) a few times you should be grand! Enjoy the race!

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