Brentwood Half-Marathon

Hey, need some advice.

I recently ran a fair bit and was 5k off half marathon distance. If it wasnt for the chafe in my thighs i could have kept going. My plan is to do it again in the coming weekends but i think i might be ready.

Ive raced a couple 10k's and think im ready to push myself to the next level.

But is the Brentwood half taking it a step too far? I'd really like to challenge myself but the ratings for beginners really vary image


  • As I understand it this event is multiple laps, off road. 

    This can be a good thing - if you want to bail out it's easy to do so, but can also be a bad thing because if you want to bail out, it's easy to do so!

    Try Bodyglide to prevent the chafing image

    I'd be more inclined to go for a single-lap road race, personally.

  • Im going to invest in some bodyglide but i bought some 2in1 dry fit shorts at the weekend so hoping thatll work in my favour too. (the 10m i did the other week was in some casual 3/4 with a belt lol)

    Im all for single lap road races, but as this one is just round the corner, i just want to jump in

  • I was going to jump in and say that Brentwood was my first half - 30 years ago (next year) but realised you meant this one. As Wilkie said it is an off road one, multiple laps of South Weald Park - Have run over there many times in Sunday morning cross country but it should be a good event to do - as it is off road, there is no pressure on times and you will hopefully enjoy it. Good luck.

  • Only gone and booked my placeimage

  • Good luck to you, hope you enjoy it - the Park is beautiful in the Autumn!!

  • can you recommend a good trail running shoe under £60. I have a feeling my lunarglides wont enjoy this lol

  • bump...anyone else running this?


  • Hey, I'm hoping normal trainers will be fine. It's off road but not "cross country" so hoping there's no ditches to run through, etc!

  • How'd you get on? That last hill at the end of every lap was brutal
  • Yeah slipped about a bit in the mud but all good fun! The hill at the end wasn't fun but there was one near the start before you enter the woods that was tough too. It was nice in the woods, could have done with those trail shoes....


  • Trail shoes worked well. My knee was playing up by lap 2 which was annoying but I ran through it. Taping didn't help much. Just anxious to see my time now
  • Ahh you finished before me lol. i finished at 2:25:29

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