Not sure how to feel, I have just entered the Manchester MoRun 10k. I hope to answer the manchester Marathon next week. I'm following someones advice on here by setting up achieveable goals, I just wonder how other people who have recently entered their first runs, and the seaoned runners, and thier initial thoughts?


  • I'm 32 days from my first event. Terrified and excited all at the same time. Want to get to the finish line now, then I can get on with training to smash whatever time I do image

    I think I will be a nervous wreck by the day.
  • Keep me informed booktrunk. Its making me want to train more. even inbetween more. I'm listenning to up and running training diary to some extent but I'm slowly increasin training on Sundays, Mondays Wednesday and Fridays. I won't train everyday, each time I tried to do that I kept pulling my calf muscle.

    What distance are you doing?

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