GNR Transport to South Shields


      I am unable to run this year due to a bad ankle, what is the best time to head off to South Shields from Newcastle so I dont hit a BIG rush on the Metro, I know I will have to set off early before the the GNR starts but not sure how early.

I remember my wife setting off to the metro when I started running one year and I beat her to the finish.

Hope someone can help?




  • I set off one time from the start area when hubby went into the pens. Metro was very busy. However, got to South Shields in time to pick up a take away coffee and visit the portaloo (before the queues started) and still had time to see OH finish in 1:50. Didn't see the elites tho'.

    I guess it depends on how fast your wife will be and whether you want to see the elites or not. Also whether you want to avoid the real crush on the metro.


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