London 2 Brighton Challenge 2013

Hello everyone,

Our London 2 Brighton Challenge is back, ready for the bank holiday in May 2013. It's an incredible event, that was very successful last year - we together raised over £1 million for UK charities.

100km is a long way but very achievable. Either choose to walk it or run it, or even mix it up a bit. You can enter independently or as a team, either way we offer full pre, during and post-event support.

For those that took part in our Challenge this year, what did you think? Would you recommend it to people?

Look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions. Hope to see you join us in this incredible challenge, and to raise lots of money for charity!

Action Challenge


  • Brilliant event I did it this year for TheHungerProject and raised almost 1K - slightly ashamed to say I didn't run it all! Heyho hats of to Action Challenge as they put on a good show - food, support, cheap train tickets home - everything is catered for.

    This even is now a qualifying event for 2014's North Face Du Mont Blanc Ultra so I suspect the numbers of elite runners will jump for 2013. If you are doing it for charity consider The Hunger Project -


  • I considered this, but think it's too restricting in that you have to raise money for charity. There are numerous other similar length ultras at around the time which don't have the charity commitment which I think a lot of ultra runners find more appealing.

    Would definitely consider it in future years if there wasn't the charity obligation - it's nice to choose to do something for charity as opposed to being told you have to.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Action Challenge, can you explain why the only way to enter is with a huge charity obligation?

    99% of other races give you an option of a standard entry or a charity entry, why do you not do the same.

    I can imagine many people would be interested in running your race but cannot be burdened with the pressure of having to raise loads of money. Why would people sponsor me just for doing my hobby?
  • From speaking to people taking on London 2 Brighton Challenge for The Hunger Project in 2012 about 30% were self funding - you don't need to raise money, just commit to the minimum - I would contact the charity and they might be able to come to an arrangement on part self funding and part fundraising? Still cheaper than catching a flight somewhere to do another race if you are based in the South East.

  • I don't subscribe to Runners World - can someone provide a review of last years event - I'm down to run this year and wouldn't mind as much extra information as possible as this is my first Ultra

  • I was going to do L2B but have opted for the Race to the Stones instead (6 weeks later) because there is no Charity obligation with that race.

  • J Lav wrote (see)

    I was going to do L2B but have opted for the Race to the Stones instead (6 weeks later) because there is no Charity obligation with that race.

    Ditto - that's why I opted to run the Saxon Trails Norman Conquest 50 miler (the week before L2B). There are SO many ultras around that time to choose from with no charity obligation.

    Incidentally, the organisers called me last week (they must have had my details from when I expressed an interest last year) and asked why I hadn't progressed with my initial interest and I told them it was the charity obligation factor. The fact that they are chasing people makes me wonder if they are having trouble attracting entrants....

    I would like to run London to Brighton as it's a pretty iconic route (plus the finish line will be relatively close to my bed image) but unless they alter this mandatory charity obligation then I will do the original London - Brighton in September

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Just out if interest what did they say to you when you mentioned the charity obligation issue.

    That's exactly what put me off entering as well.
  • They said it's run as a 'charity event'. From talking to people it seems a LOT of people have been put off by the charity obligation part of it....shame really as it looks a well organised race but plenty more ultras out there image

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