Bolton Hill Marathon



  • Chris sounds like a fantastic challenge, if i wasn't running the 10 in 10 i would have joined you  look forward to seeing you in March and good luck with the fundraising image

  • I'm in - and it looks like there'll be a good showing from Burnden Roadrunners. I've just printed off the course and it looks fab - all my favourite runs in one go. Hopefully I'll get round even though I might be doing the last couple of miles on my hands & knees.

    Good luck to everyone who's entered image

  • Hi Maria, I have noticed a few entries from Burden Roadrunners and its great to have you all on board. If you arrive early enough on the day Sports Sunday will love to take a team photo.

    We currently are short of 4 Marshals at water station points, if you know anyone in the local area who would like to marshal it involves attending a short brief in Bolton on Saturday 2nd Feb 2013 and on the day of the marathon they get there expenses paid for and get the satisfaction of doing a bit for charity and helping the runners. If you have friends or family who would just like to help around the park then please also email me at /forum/smilies/] ASAP thanks.

    Just to make it clear we will not be giving out T Shirts at the finish but you will get a unique bespoke gold Conqueror of the hills medal designed especially for this event as we believe that's what the runners wanted? You will also get a little goodies bag to take home and we will have foil blankets for you at the finish. All runner will get there name announced as they go through the finishing arch and there are various check points around the course where you will have your number noted so please ensure your number is visible at all times (no chip timing this year as the cost per runner would have added an extra £15 per competitor in entry fees). We will listen and make note of your comments for the 2014 event, please keep an eye on the website for latest news and other event announcements in the area image A runners instruction guide will be posted out around end of Jan but you must collect your number on the day.

  • Hello Maria, am going to follow the RW magazine "beginners' marathon plan" Jan 2013 edition. pg 75.

    I'm not going to bother with aiming for a time, just getting as fit as poss.

    It's a 16 week schedule; I'm joining it at week 5, with a long slow distance run of 10 miles on the Sunday. I reckon with your fitness you should have no probs.

  • Signed up last night!


  • Signed up last night, currently running around 11 miles around winter hill. Need to up my mileage !!!!!!

  • Well done Oglush and DW3, places going fast the race will be full soon! Don't forget my little jog in January if anyone is interested it maybe worth it whether you want to run sub 6 or like me your a sub 3 runner.

  • Hi All,

    That's me entered... Just need to get some trail shoes then 'Happy Days'.
  • Hi Bill, am sure you will get round no problems. I am really looking forward to it - bit scary seeing my name in the competitor list but nothing ventured.....

    I will post re the marshals on FB and see if anyone can help.

    Best wishes and good luck to everyone with their training.

    Maria image

  • Please can you put me down for the 26 January?
  • Am seriously looking at this one, i have got 2 marathons before it in Anglesy and Apeldorn ( Holland) although the navigation thing puts me off because am not too good with maps , also the hills but look its all about the challenge and i am up for it maybe i could just tag along with someone who is a bit weary of this one themselvesimage


  • As quick as i put that comment on i have just entered on-line straight away , no marathon i have ever done as ever been easy , a better start hitting them hills thoughimage

  • Don't worry about maps to much, i will mark the route out well with our own markers and with around 20 marshals and 40 mountain rescue around the course we hope no one gets lost! Well done on entering only 30 places remain!!

  • Happy New Year all!

    Well I got entered before Christmas, looks like it should be a good one. I much prefer this type of event to road marathons, with the exception of "interesting" ones such as Windermere (Although I've entered and got into London this year for some daft reason!).

    There's a few of us from Trawden AC coming along so looking forward to a grand day out; may even manage a recce at some point beforehand hopefully!

  • Hi Phil and Happy New Year everyone.

    Re the recce on the 26th January Phil how much/ what bits of the course will you be doing?

    Best wishes

    Maria image

  • Hi Maria,

    Will be the first 4mile from Moss Bank Park then the last 3mile of the marathon from 2 Lads mast road back down via burnt edge (all up hill for 3.5 mile then all down hill for 3.5 mile), be more of a jog and chat rather than a run, i will email all entrys info of this over the next few days.

    Happy New Year

  • I'd be interested in doing this as a run-walk in preparation for a longer event later in the year. Would that be OK, or against the spirit of the event?

  • Thats fine, my advice is free, 10:30 MBP main atraction car park 26th Jan 2013


  • Thank you hillrunner - does that apply to the marathon too? image

  • Ah whoops - it appears I slipped on the keyboard and entered anywayimage

  • Dear Phil

    Thanks for confirming details of the recce. I am really familiar with the bits you are doing as I run it regularly with number one dog. Are there any plans to run any other bits of the course prior to the day?

    best wishes

    Maria image

  • I run around the course regular, if you want to do a recce on any other part of the course then feel free to join me just email me to let me know which bits and when it best suits you, to be honest if its just the directions you are worried about then don't. The course will be fully marked with yellow/black arrowed signs labeled as marathon and red/white tape hanging around course, i don't see any problem unless people start messing with then which is unlikely, having said that i have been lost on bigger  trail marathons before, you normally find someone who knows the route or has a map or a marshal close by.image

  • Hi Phil,

    On your web site u advise on carrying extra clothing, map, whistle, etc. Should this still be the case? I ask because I've never ran distance runs with a backpack before. Should I now get in training wearing one? :0)

  • Hi Robert,

    Well as you say it is advisory and up to your ability,experience and common sense. There are many less mileage races on Winter Hill which these items are mandatory and bag checks are made but we trust that entrants to this marathon and we have made the decision that the entrant can decide what they carry. I would certainly be carrying the minimum of a fully charged mobile phone,some energy treats and a water proof jacket depending on weather forecast. if i was a less experienced runner then a light backpack carrying whatever you feel necessary  to complete the race, there are plenty of light running backpacks/bumbags out there which you probably wont make much difference to your performance (such as raidlight), If you intend wearing one then yes train with one on, i would not go for a long run on my own over rural areas without carrying water/energy food/waterproof jacket/map and means of contact in case i get an injury etc.

    Hope this helps image

  • Hi Hilrunner! I'm another Comrades runner, going for my third this year and trying to find a marathon that i can do in March and stumbled across this! Sounds hellish but big worry is

    a) being able to get the day off work

    b) the weather

    but mainly

    c) i have never bought/owned/run in trail shoes - i do Compton 40 every year but there's no need for trail shoes in the balmy south! i wouldnt know where to begin and worry i could pick up an injury a couple of months before Comrades?

    Can i get away with regular shoes for the recce in Jan (not signed up yet) or should i get trail shoes before then???
  • Hi carmen23,

    Should be ok to wear an old pair of running shoes as there are small sections of mud but mainly on the recce its tarmac and gravel paths and hard grassy paths, ideally for the marathon you will need trail shoes.

    See you on 26th image
  • Dear Phil

    Thanks for that. Not too worried about getting lost, I'm sure the markings will be fine I just thought it would be interesting to have a go at the sections I'm not too familiar with. As there are a few of us from Burnden maybe we can have a club recce before the day.

    What is the limit on the number of runners? is it 155 as the list on your website?

    best wishes

    Maria image



  • Hi Maria

    We can get something organised if you want with your club , what about Sunday 27th morning I can run your runners round whatever section they want whatever distance. We have a permit for 250 however we had to make a decision regarding medals etc which as you probably are aware is a big cost , we ordered 155 medals, unfortunately entry's have picked up and we only have 15 places remaining. We might open it to another 50 entries but don't count on this!
  • Dear Phil

     Thanks for the offer of a recce, I will email around & get back to you if that' s okay?

    I recced part of the course today and it's fab, really muddy in places but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Best wishes


  • Thanks for the response! Sounds like you may be sold out soon - but I may come along on the 26th!
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