Bolton Hill Marathon



  • See you there. 

  • I hope to make what time and where are you meeting.

    I was working on Barrow Bridge Rd on Tuesday morning and couldn't resist sharing this shot with you all of Moss Bank Park looking towards the chimney and over spill car park.



  • Woody that's a great picture with the sun rising, let's hope the weather holds up for Saturday, either way kris will be on hand brewing teas and coffees for everyone

    Details of the recce run are on the homepage website but basically 10:30 at capitol works car park near big chimney (near woodys picture) , everyone welcome see you all then image
  • More snow arriving!! image

    Will be at recce....Hope I get there from parkrun in time...

  • Bolton parkruns been cancelled I think. Just wondering if recce run going ahead still as weather has changed somewhat and if its not I can have a beer!
  • Hi All,   Very sorry but had to cancel the recce day tomorrow due to heavy snow which has just fallen in Bolton it is impossible to go ahead.image   The Recce run will now be rescheduled for 10:30am on Saturday 2nd February 2013.   Apologies to everyone and look forward to seeing you next Saturday and hopefully better weather!   Phil & Kris
  • Thanks for your efforts Phil.

    Hope to get to recce on Sat 2nd.

    Bill Kelly

  • I have had flu.!!..not ran in 12 days...and my last run was 3 mile treadmill before i got sick.!!! I do hope i can bump up the miles now until march..or i am going to struggle.
    hows everyone going in training?

  • I see your doing the 10 in 10 you say hillrunner?... im in the brathay marathon for i guess your friend of Foxy ? :O)

  • Hope you're feeling better Wona. You'll be fine - there's ages yet until the race image.

    We've put together a Burnden Marathon Nutters Group to help with training & we've been having fun offroad around Entwistle & Jumbles and up Rivi of course. Longest I've done so far is 17 miles - there are some days when I think I'll be fine and others where I think what on earth was I thinking!

    Looking forward to the recce Saturday. image

  • Wona, yes I might have heard of Foxy a little and made guest appearances at enigmavilleimage
  • /members/images/263383/Gallery/Down_63_steps_-_22nd.JPG

     Here is a picture looking down 63 steps - before the bad snow last weekend.

  • Hello Wona,

    Me too - not been out for nearly two weeks.

    Don't try to get back too quickly or you'll get injured.

    Drop a week back to where you were, and stick to little and often.

    I'm walking to town (3miles) on rest days, just to give me time on my feet.

  • You'll be fine Bill - I saw you sneaking past me at training on Monday - glad you're back image

  • Hello All,
    First of all, thank you Phil for organizing the marathon. It seems you're putting lots of work into it, and so I'm sure it will reflect on the race day in the quality of the event!
    All the pictures you post (and those on the hillrunner website) are marvelous. I really regret not being able to make the recce.
    Also, I have a question to all the marathon-participants from Manchester - would anybody have available two seats in their car for me and my girlfriend to give us a lift to Bolton and possibly back to Manchester on the day of the race? We'll be spending a weekend in the city to do some sightseeing and want to pop out to Bolton only for the run. While I'm at this - we're also looking for couch-surfing host (as in in Manchester for that weekend - maybe somebody is interested?
    See you all at the start line in March!

  • Hi Marcin, Thanks for your comments and i am glad my passion for running comes through although there are more people behind me doing fantastic voluntary work to help put our little marathon together. We wanted to put on a marathon that is good value for money and raise some money for local charities and make it a special day for all runners and i hope this is what we give you bearing in mind in my view the entry fee is minimal. My satisfaction will be giving everyone of you fantastic mad people your medals at the finish and seeing my just giving account bulge image.

    Bill good advise and look forward to meeting you Sat.

    If you all would like to email me your pictures of the course in the snow or not i would love to put them on the website, of course i will be taking a few snaps on Saturday for the site so come in your best running wear lol image

  • hi all would love to come and have a run saturday but its a bit of a trek from sunny norfolk so im staying here and training on the tiny norfolk mounds ha ha and keeping the 10th of march hills as a surprise i cant wait .image

  • well im up to 14 miles again....cant make the training run this morning there but im sure your all having fun rightthis moment.... my 14 mile felt quite a plod...but i meant it to of course as you are right Bill...not good to do it all too soon after a virus,,just sets you back weeks.
    So anyway im fine atm after that...and next week ill go up a few more miles and should be rocking after long as i taper the last 10 days or so ill be fine...after all..some people do 10 in 10 days around hereimage  so cant be that hard..hehe

  • /members/images/547727/Gallery/00536.jpg

    A great morning had by all the recce runners image

  • I recognise  a few mad faces on there, and a few nutters too image  What were conditions like yesterday? Having been up to the mast twice this week, on Monday it was unrunnable with thick snow iced over deep ridges you would crook your ankle in, the second time, on Thursday, compeltely melted, completely drained of water and a nice trek to the top.  I have a few pictures of the last week but they're on my phone and I'm not sure how to get them across to you Phil.

    p.s that White Coppice loop is a cheeky one, not looking forward to the way back from the loop, very rocky underfoot.


  • Hi Phil, I'm I was wondering if there are any recommended spectator spots along the route? I don't know the area very well, but looking at the map, there seems to be a road nearish the White Coppice loop. Could spectators see runners going one way then the other? They'd also have chance to see the start, drive there, see me hobble pass, and get the finish line (long before!) I get there. Any thoughts?

    Like I say, I don't really know the area, but I live in Manc so thinking about a few training runs there in the near future.

  • I went out for the recce run on Saturday. Don't be put off by the graph, that first hill is miles long but it's steady. The graph makes it look like speed mountaineering. I don't think it's one for PB's though.

    If the recce was anything to go by, they are really going above and beyond to make this a good one. See you there in five weeks!


  • Beev, The conditions where fantastic and everyone seem to enjoy the fantastic views and lovely weather although it was a little cold on the top of winter hill! It wouldn't be a trail race without a bit of mud and rocky surface, no point finishing a trail race clean people might think we where being easy on you image. If you have a computer with blue-tooth you can blue-tooth them to your computer and then attach them on an email.

    I will post all pictures of the recce on the website in a bit. PS THERE IS ONLY 18 PLACES REMAINING IF YOU ARE THINKING OF ENTERING AND THERE WILL BE NO MORE AVAILABLE!!

    TGB, glad you enjoyed it and good to meet you!!

    Chris, for some reason your email address is not working if you want to private email me i will put you on the email list so you keep updated. The only place they can see you twice is White Coppice, you can either park at the Cricket ground which has a car park and about a 300mtr walk to the course or park at the water station. Rivington lower barn will also be good as there is always something going on to keep them entertained although you only go past once around 20mile mark.You should have come on the recce that is a great training run.





  • Finally signed up - been talking it up for the last couple of months and now that I have got round to it I am looking forward to it. Home town marathon and starts about five minutes away from my front door so can't wait. My girlfriend will be pleased she can go back home and have a nap once I've started! Not run up the mast for too long so might try and rediscover my climbing legs that way over the weekend!

  • Really enjoyed the recce, lets hope the weather on the day is as kind. Great to meet Kris and Phil who look to have this even well and truly organised. Just need to get the training in now with the other Burnden nutters

  • Great to meet you Phil, i am praying for a day like last week image

  • I really enjoyed the recce. I rarely run with a group and it was great meeting everyone. If all the runners on race day are as good to get on with it should make for a great day.

    Will no doubt bump into some of you running the hills before the date - perhaps a BHM signal should be adopted when passing fellow runners  image

    Roll on race day, see you all there.

  • Been and done a 13 mile circuit today which took in the first part then down to the school and back up the muddy path (you weren't kidding there) and the end part of the marathon.  All I can say is that grassy hill is going to be a killer at 22 miles.  Saw another runner out on the route today and I did wonder if they were one of the mad 200 image

  • Think we've recced it all now - excited and terrified at  the same time image

  • I haven't recce'd it - am not sure whether I want to before the day, or have a surprise....

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