Bolton Hill Marathon



  • Hi Phil,

    Not long nowimage.... Any final hints and tips for this type of marathon?


  • can i ask.....although its trail....would you say (whoever has done it before) that it is quite feasable to do in normal road shoes? like asics etc?
    I only ask because i find after a while my trail rocklites,,i get really tired feet...not use to the lack of support that much.

  • I've not covered the whole route but of the parts I have you would get away with road shoes, especially if this dry weather hold up. I'm planing to run in road shoes because of the same reason as and the you Wona and the comfort road shoes give.

  • RW4, relax and enjoy carb loading image


  • Went out for a light hike around the bottom 22 yesterday, didn't see too many signs on the route and got a bit lost a couple of times. Nothing too bad, just had to consult the map. There are a couple of well worn arrows here and there.

    Beautiful course by the way, I won't be saying this on Sunday afternoon because of the pain it will cause me, but really enjoyed going up there.
  • Wona I did 24 over the course last week and yes I would say road shoes fine, there is a fair bit of hard packed trail, neat grass! And Tarmac road BUT there is very stony ground for a good stretch but thats testing in any shoes. There are a couple of parts which are still a little wet but the weather has been kind these last few weeks and compared to the calf deep sludge and snow we have trained in I found the course conditions extremely pleasant.

    David, the markings you saw are from the recent run done about a month ago, i have no doubt come race day the markings will be fine. I am hoping this will be a pretty sociable run, certainly at the pace I will run it, and I don't think anyone will see people out on a limb.
  • Cheers MW, got it now..what a plonker..I knew I had seen the profile somewhereimage Too many marathons planned is fogging my brain.

    Interested in shoe choice though, I too find Innov8s a bit brutal so if there is a chance that Asics trainers will suffice, I'll go with that. However, having glanced at weather for following few days, we may have quite a bit of rain. Local knowledge required nearer the day pleaseimage

  • I ran the whole course last weekend. There were fantasic views for miles around...... save a bit of energy for the climb back up and up just after the school at about 21 miles. I loved the last three miles pretty much downhill. If you are a plodder like me, just enjoy the glorious views!

  • Thanks for reply on the shoe thing..really helpful answers thanks.
    Hey theres going to be rain though they say..( just typical ).so get your packa macs out..hehe
    I hope i can fair ok without too much pain, ive only just recovered from flu,,set me right back im afraid.

  • oops sorry , you already mentioned the rain bre rabbit.

  • As long as we don't get any snow we will all be fine! Looking forward to cheering you all on around the course, you will know its me i will be in a white car with flashing lights on and have bags under my eyes image Looking forward to marking the course out in the rain image

    As TWT says once you see the 21 mile marker dont look up! image

    I run the course in trail shoes.

  • I'm swinging between realy excited and downright terrified at the moment - I'm even dreaming about the marathon!! Wish it was Sunday already.

    As for the trail v road shoe debate - there are one or two bits that will be muddy, depends on how much rain we actually get. Up to the Mast usually drains pretty well, it's the section after the Roman Road and the bridle path out to White Coppice which could be interesting.

    I'm going with trail shoes  but not my Inov8 Orocs - they're great but just too heavy.

    Good luck to everyone running & see you at the start image.



  • Can't wait now....forecast now mentioning a dusting of the white stuff..better than wind and lashing rainimage

  • I was asked the shoe conundrum by a couple of folks in our club after we had a trot round a couple of weeks ago. For me personally it's trail shoe territory, depending what you wear and how comfy they are.

    I find that my road shoes (Asics GT), although fine if it was bone dry, are basically a bit high and my feet roll around too much on rocky, divotty (is that a word?) ground.

    I wear Wave Harriers, which have enough cushioning to be comfortable on hard stuff, but plenty of trail grip (unless it's wet limestone!), they've been mint on the 3 Peaks and Yorkshireman type events. So it'll be those for me.

    The only problem with road shoes is that if it ain't bone dry, they can be horrible on muddy type ground, although granted there won't be loads of that......hopefully!

    See you all on Sunday, looking forward to it!

  • I've run most of the course; it will have dries up since I ran but a few days of drizzle will muddy it up slightly. I'll be wearing trail shoes (Innov8 Roclite 315), that were fine on my training run.

  • I agree with Alfa_Scud regarding in the trail v road debate. Just for those not in the area, it has been raining gently on the course for a few hours now!

  • There was some light drizzle this side of Bolton this morning but it was milder and the wind should be helping to dry the ground a bit. The local forecast on BBC news is always for doom and gloom but it's rarely as bad as they say. Should be cool and cloudy but dry on Sunday.

  • Running for possibly 6 hours in the rain really doesn't appeal but the forecast today hasn't turned out to be correct yet and only had light drizzle.  I did the White Coppice loop and a bit yesterday and it was pleasantly dry under foot.  The notorious mud bath of the mile or so up to White Coppice was one hundred times better than the other week when we were there.  Looking at wind speeds for Sunday though I would say it will be bitter at the top of Winter Hill (always windy on a non windy day in civilisation), don't forget your gloves and hats.

  • Thanks for the latest local knowledge update, think I'll stick with the Roclitesimage

  • Very excited now.

    My favourite part of the whole race starts today, CARBO LOADING!!


  • Ha!  My favourite part too - although I started last night with pasta and parkin.

    I do oten wonder if beer counts?  It was once known as 'liquid bread' after all.

  • OK folks, thermals is going to be a cold and windy one..image Setting off for Bolton mid-day tomorrow before snow hits Derbyshire. Out of interest, if all goes well..what sort of time would you be guestimating to add to a 3:40 road marathon time on this course. This is for all you very helpful local folksimage

    Carb loading as I speak with bottle of Fosters and a pizzaimageimage

  • I'm cooking spag bol image

  • It was very cold and windy marking the course out today but all done. Last post before the race as from tomorrow i will be in the park until Sunday. Good Luck for Sunday and look forward to seeing you all around the course image

  • FuzzyVixx..I'm now on Rice pudding and ..waterimage

    See you all on Sunday xx

  • Oooh there's a tough question BR, I seem to do "hilly" road marathons in about 3.30 (Windermere / Langdale) and I've done 3.09 at Preston.

    But my Yorkshireman time seems to always be just over 4 hours, so make of that what you will!

    I would suggest if you get somewhere near to 4.15 you'd be doing well. But forget all that, don't look at your watch, run round and enjoy it, then see at the end how you've done. I find if I do that I tend to run better.

    One of our barmy lot is doing the 33mile Hawoth Hobble today then doing this tomorrow....he'd better not beat me!image


    Lasagne for me for tea, have a good rest day, see you all tomorrow.

  • Cheers Alfa Scud, not after a time target here !! just an idea of what time I might get homeimage Right, setting off for Preston now. See you all there and good luck to everyone.

  • Ooops, I mean Bolton!!

  • Brer - don't get lost!

  • Weather forecast not looking too bad for tomorrow!

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